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Exercise 33: Advanced Psychometry Reading
by ChezNips

The skill of psychometry is reading detailed information from the energy of an object. In Exercise 17, you already learned the basic form of psychometry reading, but we will now be working on fine tuning that skill even more. Because our energy carries all sorts of information about us, there is a wide variety of information that can be learned from reading the energy off an object, all we have to is tap into it.


Clean your energy body using previous techniques. Have the bowl of salt handy. Focus your energy body and sit opposite your partner in a grounded position. Make sure to read the full instructions before doing the exercise.

Enquirer's Instructions:

Have an article to give to your partner that you carry with you or wear often. Jewelry or keys work very good for this purpose. Do not psychically clean the object first (if you currently are wearing the object you plan to use, remember to remove the object while you go through cleaning proceedures). As the reader is describing the feelings and images off the article you have given him or her, be sure to take clear, methodical notes and to give accurate but positive feedback to your partner. Some people prefer the enquirer to wait until the reader is done reading before they give feedback and others prefer the enquirer to interject comments during the reading for immediate feedback or a combination of both. This should be discussed before the reading starts and a notebook or tape recorder should be obtained for recording results. Keep in mind that positive feedback does not mean that you pretend to understand something that the reader said that you honestly don't understand. Do not indicate that something is true when it is not. A positive attitude is necessary but honest feedback is imperatively essential to the success of psychometry.

Reader's Instructions:

Take the article and hold it either loosly in the palm of your hand or to the third eye area of the forhead. Gently rub your fingers over the article to sense the energy of your partner. It may be helpful to tune your energy into the energy vibration off the article. Now relax, take a few deep breaths and focus your perceptions. Make your mind into a blank tv screen and let the images come into view and describe them out loud. Some images and feelings will make sense and others will not. Because logic belongs to the conscious mind in which you want to put on hold, you need to learn to switch the portion of you off that tries to put the images in order or to interpret them. Keep in mind that the subconscious mind is the part of you doing the reading and it often speaks to us in our very own symbolic language. One of the main goals of this exercise is to give you an opportunity to work with that side of yourself and to learn familiarity with your own symbolic language. Be aware that with the development of any new skill that it requires patience and much practice.


Remember that psychic reading is an art form and that if you have a six painters painting the same object, you will get six different paintings of the same thing. In the same way, six different readers may focus on different aspects of the enquirer or his situation. This happens because we use our mind to interpret symbols and with each of these carries our own life experiences, beliefs and filters to which the information picked up will pass through. What we end up doing is interpreting the information off of this object through our own personal views of the world around us. In this manner, what information we pick up from the object will be dictated largely by the readers deeply held assumptions about the nature of reality. This is why its extremely important to just present information as it comes and to not make sense of it before telling the enquirer, but in many cases its almost impossible to not to put it through our filters to a small degree. A selection process will take place during each reading and the reader will tend to select those feelings or images that feel important, relevant or interesting and usually the other information is disregarded. Take for example that two different people tell you about a mutual friend. One person may talk about how much money this person makes and the other may talk about a completely different aspect of this person's life such as their out-going and friendly personality. Both people are being honest and both are accurate but the details each has selected are dictated by individual ideas of what is important. It should be obvious that to be a good reader requires an open mind and flexible view of the world. Having a closed mind will give way to judgements and a constricted view and basically a limited and essentially useless reading.

Advanced Variation:

You will want to practice on as many people as you can in working to sharpen your skills and provide a greater range for your development as a reader. As a variation, you can ask your partner to bring an article of jewelry from another person with whom he is well aquainted with and one that you have never met. If you have the opportunity, find people with whom you are only slighly acquainted with or even strangers tofurther sharpen your skills.


Change roles and repeat the exercise. Be sure to clean your hands between readings. Mentally process the information from the reading and record your notes in your journal.