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Exercise 34: Advanced Psychometry Specific Reading
by ChezNips

The filtering process of the mind allows the reader to consciously select information from the energy. In this exercise you will learn to respond to direct questions in order to look for that specific information.


Have the bowl of salt ready. Clean and focus the energy body. Sit across from your partner in the grounded position.

Enquirer's Instructions:

Ask questions that are of a specific nature that relates to the current event inyour life or something in the immediate past. Some examples are:
"What is the current situation regarding...?"
"What are ...'smotives regarding ...?"
"Why did ... occur?" (Or why not?)
"What is causing ... to happen?" "... has just occured. Can you describe your insight on the situation?"
Remember to keep meticulous methodical notes of the reading and give accurate and positive feedback.

Reader's Instructions:

Hold the article of jewelry loosly in the palm of your hand or to the third eye area of your forhead. Relax and take slow deep and even breaths. Repeat the question either in your head mentally or verbally over and over with the assurance that the answer is there and will easily come to you. Do not consult your conscious knowledge of the situation and give an opinion, this isn't considered a psychic reading. Relax and trust yourself as well as your partner. Vocalize the perceptions you receive about the question asked.

Advanced Variation:

Repeat the advanced variation from exercise 33 and focus on specific questions.


You will being to see over a period of time which information is easier for you and your partner to read. One may focus better on aspects of love and romance while the other picks up better on finance or health questions. As with any of the other skills, it is important to focus on your natural strengths until they are reliable and then work on the weaknesses to make them stronger.


Change roles and repeat.