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Exercise 32: Seeing Energy
by ChezNips

Just as it is possible to feel energy with your physical body like you used your hands to sense in the last few exercises, it is just as possible to see energy given the right circumstances. You will need the use of a dark room because the energy is more readily visible against a dark background. Be sure the room have been psychically cleaned before you start or you may begin seeing other free form energy from your surroundings, especially if you have a pet that likes to nuzzle in the dark. Too much random energy will interefere with your perception. An added bonus of this exercise if you do this by yourself before going to sleep is that relaxation of the mind and body to aid in seeing.


Psychically clean the room. Have the bowl of rock salt handy. Focus the energy body. Sit across from your partner in the grounded position. Note: This exercise can be done alone or with a partner. It is not recommended to spend over 30-45 minutes time total duration.

Sender's Instructions:

Generate energy and form a large sphere in the center of your body. Direct the energy to your arm and out through all four fingers in an upward direction towards the ceiling. Spread your fingers apart and then close them. Do this slowly several times in a row. project several different variations of energy while you are opening and closing your fingers. You may want to try to go up and down the color spectrum or musical scales. Notice that some vibrations are more easily detectable then others and that by changing vibrations, you can see the energy easier. Clean your hands in the bowl of salt when you are finnished.

Perceiver's Instructions:

You should not stare, strain or squint your eyes while perceiving the projected energy of your partner. Just be as relaxed as possible and when you are successful, you should see white streaks, a misty like substance or sparks of energy.

Variation 1:

Direct the energy of one hand to the other via the finger tips. Move your hands to cause the energy to move in a diagonal flow or in waves that stretch from one hand to the other and then move them back in a straight position. Maintain a relaxed alterness and if it helps, you can use the musical scales or color spectrum but becareful to not exhaust yourself by working too long. When you are finnished, you will want to clean and exchange energy with nature or intake however you wish. When you are well rested after the exercise, take some time to psychically clean the room.

Variation 2:

Sit facing your partner in the darkened room. Generate energy and place your fingers about four to five inches away from your partners. Take turns sending concentrated energy to each other through the fingertips. Move your fingers around a little bit to make the observation of the energy easier.


Physically seeing energy is very exciting and dramatic but keep in mind that reliable psychic perception does not rely on sight alone. In fact, seeing can commonly be the least useful of all physical senses because the eyes are so easily fooled. The purpose of these exercises is to find the most natural mode of psychic perception and to develope your strongest talent. It is important that your best natural mode of psychic perception becomes familiar and reliable. If your orientation leans towards the kinaesthetic, you should concentrate and work on developing that sense. The same applies to the sense of hearing or seeing. You may wish to develope a secondary means of perception to balance and to confirm or check yourself in your first means but it is not wize to start with a sense that is difficult for you to work with in the other areas of your life. If you are not musically talented and are tone deaf, you should look for a different sense to develope first as with those that are color blind.


Change roles and repeat the exercise. record your observations in your journal.