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Exercise 2: Taking Energy
by ChezNips

The first exercise was about giving and receiving energy. This time, the person who was the sender will start by first giving energy and then pulling their energy back to themselves. One of our most basic forms of communication is other areas of our life is energy exchange. By focusing consciously on this direct method, you can begin to consciously recognize and develop your perception of energy exchange in other areas of your life.


Read the whole exercise before beginning and making sure you understand. Wear lose clothing that doesn't bind and of natural fibres. Remove all jewelry and if necessary, keep a bowl of salt to cleanse off excess energy. Sit across from your partner but not touching.

You should being by being relaxed and receptive. Intake or generate energy as you would for any psi exercise. Working with the same partner helps you to gain a familiarity with your partner's energy. Try to be aware of the difference in sensation from when your partner gives energy to you, then pulls it back. It's important to give your partner feedback on what you are sensing.

Many people will note that when working with energy in this way and especially in working with the hands, that there is the sensation of weight or mass and that this sensation reverses when sending the energy away from yourself. You should be practicing this exercise until you can clearly distinguish between energy being sent to you and energy being taken away from you. It helps to clean your hands periodically in the salt to make the perception clearer and easier.


Send energy the same way to your partner that you did in exercise 1. Because your partner is learning to perceive energy, make sure to them him or her each time you send energy and when you are finished sending energy. Now you want to pull your energy back to yourself. To do this you want to hold your finger tip a few inches from your partners finger tip and visualize a small tube between the fingers. Visualize the energy moving from your partners body to yours. Helpful ideas may be that of a vacuum hose sucking the energy back or that of a magnet drawing iron filings to itself. Whatever is most helpful to you works and a good thing to remember is that your energy is directed by your will. To simply think the energy will move as you direct it is usually sufficient. There are students that feel the energy flows sluggishly or out of control. If you believe it is sluggish, you make it flow sluggish and the same with the out of control. Alternate between giving and taking energy making each event as separate and telling your partner each time what you are doing at each step. Change roles and repeat the exercise.


Some of the things you should be noticing are what it felt like as the energy left your body, how did it feel coming back, were there different sensations each time? Were you able to stay relaxed and focused throughout the exercise? Stress and tension can cause interference in the flow of energy and working to maintain a relaxed state sometimes needs a lot of work. Record in a journal your experience and observations. Try repeating the experience with another familiar energy partner and observe differences.


Its common to beginners that you are able to feel the energy but the direction is hard to tell. Accuracy of perception comes with increased practice and experience. If you feel that too much energy is building up in your hands, make sure to scrape off the excess and wash your hands in the bowl of salt. Feeling light headed is another common feeling. In this case, make sure to move the energy to the lower half of your body and walk around if necessary before continuing.