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Exercise 3: Testing Perception and Flow
by ChezNips

After working on exercises 1 and 2, you are probably anxious to see just how accurate you are perceiving energy when you are sending and how strongly you are taking that energy back. The purpose of this exercise is to test yourself. You can return to this exercise at anytime to help sharpen your perception. This exercise is also a good confidence builder. The only way you can trust a skill is by routinely testing it to see your progress.


Fully read the exercise and understand it before progressing. Wear natural non-binding clothes, remove all jewelry. Have the bowl of salt beside you and face your partner.


Make sure you are loose and relaxed. Open your mind to be receptive to sensations from your partner. Between each exchange, you should clean the excess energy off in the bowl of salt. Record results after each transference.


First make and write down your plan before giving and taking energy. Make sure your do not share or give away this plan to your partner so that the test will be credible and fair. An example of this plan might look like this:
1. Give
2. Take
3. Give
4. Give
5. Take

Before beginning, make sure to intake or generate energy. The give or take energy in the order you mapped out, This is not only a test of your partner;s perception but also of your control.

Trouble Shooting:

It is absolutely essential for the sender to not give away any obvious signals. A good example of this would be to take a deep breath and draw your hand back to you when you are taking energy; do not move your hand forward when giving energy. In the same way, you do not want to stare at your hand when taking or stare at your partners hand when sending.


Compare your list to your partners. Repeat the exercise as often as needed changing roles in between. Make sure to record your observations in a journal.