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Exercise 1: Energy Exchange
by ChezNips

Exercise 1: Energy Exchange

The Goal of the exercise is to perceive and direct psychic energy back and forth. It is essential that you first read and understand all instructions before proceeding. Keep in mind that you are working with a physical substance and that you are using your physical body to direct it. This psychic energy or psi as its commonly referred to is not readily visible but like many other things in our physical world are not visible but can still be measures like air and electricity. In this manner, you must first gather a sufficient amount of psi energy and direct it in the proper way so that it may be perceived.


Allow yourself to accept your partner's energy. Your frame of mind is very important and the intent should be to receive the energy. Be sure that you have fully relaxed all parts of your body and have taken a mental stock in all your physical ailments and emotions so that you are not confused by sensations like muscular tension or blood flow. You will be experiencing a gentle sensation in your hand as your partner sends it to you. Everyone perceives differently, especially at first and its not uncommon for one person to feel cold and someone else to feel warmth. Other reported sensations inclue tingling, feelings of a static electricity build up, pressure, or a slight breeze. What is so important in learning how you percieve this energy is so that in the course of learning, you can become aware of how you perceive to make it work in the greatest potential for you.


You must first accumulate energy to have a ready supply on hand and that it be strong enough to be felt by your partner. This can be accomplished in a large variety of ways. If you can already do this, use what works for you or take any of the following suggestions and modify it to your liking so that you are comfortable with it. These are by no means hard and fast rules of gathering energy but suggestions only. You can use *any* method of energy gathering, wether its yoga, qi-gong, traditional eastern martial arts to the more new age methods. Visualize yourself being surrounded by a magnificent bright light. Remember that to visualize means to re-create the experience in as many senses as you can. This means to see the light, feel it blinding you, feel the light, give it a sensation or gentle warmth or refreshing coolness. You can even hear it, give it a sound or the fuzzy static you hear on television or radio. You do not need to give it a taste or a smell but you absolutely can if it helps you. Now absorb all this light/energy into yourself and all parts of your body. You can imagine you are a sponge or even a magnet pulling everything in. Make it all go into a tight compact ball in your abdomen. When you feel you cannot make it grow any bigger, begin to make it glow more intensely.

Now feel the energy traveling up thru your chest to your dominant arm and down into your hand where it pools and builds up. Do not move this energy outside of yourself until you are completely ready. When you are ready, extend your index finger to a point a few inches away from your partners finger. You do not want to move too close of your partner will be confused by your normal body heat. If you are too far from your partner, the energy could diffuse and your partner may miss feeling anything.

Maintain this flow of energy for several seconds until your partner clearly perceives the energy. You may have to stop and build up the energy again to continue. Now try directing the energy at different parts of your partners hand. Its not uncommon that some areas are more sensitive then others.

Change roles and repeat the exercise. Journal your observations to have a record for yourself.

Remote Practice:

Find a partner and decide who will be sender and who will be the receiver. Gather energy and send to your partner. You may find that if practicing this exercise over the internet that you can use the 3rd eye area to send and receive because it is usually the most sensitive and receptive area. If you are on IRC or any chat services, it is suggested that you focus on the nick name and visualize your energy going to that person. It is not necessary to know what that person looks like, only that you know your energy is strongly sent. If you need a little more help, you can visualize the shape of a person, the features do not matter as long as you affirm to yourself that the person you visualize is the nickname of your partner.


Have the receiver close his or her eyes and experiment by directing energy to various parts of the body. Try perceiving with your lips, or your belly button or the bottoms of your feet.


After sending several times, one or both of you may find that you have too much energy. You might feel heavy, tingly, or full or your hands may even become red and swollen. If this happens, you can use a variety of methods to ground the energy to get rid of it. A bowl of rock salt can be used as well as a grounding "crystal" or rock such as hematite or obsidian. Gently send the excess energy out of your body into the salt or crystal. You can also use a grounding technique of visualizing a channel of energy going from your body into the ground to be absorbed by the earth. If you become dizzy or light headed, its probably that excess energy has gathered in your head and is starting to overload you. The excess energy can lead to decreased perception and control. If this occurs, consciously direct the energy downward into the lower parts of your body. You may wish to get up and walk around a few moments.

Your psychic development progress much the same way as if you are trying any new exercise for the first time. You may become fatigued after a short time. Stop and rest, as you can strain your self psychically just like straining a muscle.If you push yourself too hard and too fast, it will result in slowing your progress. Equally, if you are having a slow start, be patient and know that everyone progresses at their own pace. There is no time requirement and your persistence will be rewarded if you stay disciplined and consistent with your practicing.