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Balancing (Practical)
by Zeus

  • Energy Manipulation
  • Visualization
  • Energy Theory
  • Neutralization

  • To keep an individual personally balanced in energy, mentality, emotionally, and in synchronicity with their general area.

    1. Energy
  • Centre and Intake before continuing.
  • Using visualization create screens to neutralize your Internal Energy.
  • By manipulating your energy ensure that your energy flow direction is correct and unobstructed. If you encounter any blocks in your energy pathways you must take down the blocks and heal the area.
  • Ensure that you have a healthy level of Aural Energy dispersal (this is a personal feel of your own energy).
    2. Mental
  • Once your energy is balanced it is easier to balance your mental processes, so begin by removing your personal self from all decisions and happenings around you in your reality.
  • Your mental reactions to situations must move from being personal to being objective.
  • Remember that moving to an objective view does not mean that you remain emotionless it simply means that you must understand what you feel in each situation, but act objectionably and not in a personal manner.
    3. Emotion
  • Once in an objective mental state you must begin to understand the effect of emotions on your body and understand what your emotional state is, or would be in any situation.
  • When aware of your expected emotional state there is no need to react in a personal mentality. You can react in an objective manner through all situations and not lose balance.
    4. Synchronicity
  • To achieve synchronicity with the general area your balance must mirror that of your general area.
  • Ground to your general area and be sure there are no differences in your energy level to that of the energy around you.

    1. Energy
  • Meditate regarding the natural flows of energy in your body.
  • See the energy flowing around your body as a stream.
  • Any obstructions, or blocks will appear as large rocks and boulders in the water.
  • In your meditative state you must remove these boulders from the stream to allow it to flow correctly and unobstructed.
  • As you follow the stream it should be clear, and cool, just soothing to the touch. If the stream is discoloured or different temperatures in spots you must filter the stream before moving along it.
  • When you are satisfied that your stream is clean and unobstructed look at the stream's level along the bank. Along the bank will be telltale signs of where the water level should be (vegetation lines, etc.).
  • If it happens that the water in your stream is low then intake to raise the level to normal. When you finish intaking walk the stream again to ensure there are no new abnormalities.
  • If it happens that during your look at the bank your water level seems high you'll need to remember to ground when finished the techniques to return your energy to normal levels.
    2. Mental
  • Walk into your mind and find the portion that houses the way in which you deal with situations.
  • For most personal people they will find a representation of themselves surrounded by bombarding situations and dealing with those situations in a subjective manner.
  • The meditative idea is to remove you from this situation and put a secretary, or hierarchal office staff to personally deal with the bombarding situations.
  • When removed from the centre of the fracas you are now able to objectively deal with situations as the front-line staff brings them to you.
  • In this manner a staff member already deals emotionally with a situation so that you do not have to and that leaves the real you more mentally balanced and lowers your personal stress levels.
    3. Emotion
  • Extending the mentality visual meditation you must seek out and find the emotional responses that would normally run directly to the representation of you and ensure that are redirected to your newly visualized office staff.
  • This way when emotions arise you react in a manner aware of the appropriate emotional response but without the lack of control and imbalance usually associated with overly strong emotions.
    4. Synchronicity
  • Calm yourself and relax in quiet, uninterrupted surroundings.
  • Close your eyes and extend your senses to feel what is beyond your body and how things are interacting with eachother.
  • Turn your senses to how you're affecting your environment and slowly change your interaction to tune the same everything that you feel around you.
  • When your interaction with your environment matches that of the things around you you've achieved synchronicity and are creating very little, if any, imbalance in your given area.

  • Be mindful of the energy of your general area as there are situations where synchronicity will actually destroy balance.
  • In objective mindsets other people, not in balance, may find you cold, because they do not understand that you're still reacting as they would only internally and not externally, which destroys outward balance.
  • Be sure to check the balance of the area you're intaking from as neutralizing unbalanced, or overly charged energy can degrade personal balance.

  • ITB: The basics of balance are often grasped within a day, but the subtle aspects of personal balance can take years.
  • AAW: Roughly 15 minutes depending on the initial degree of imbalance.