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Me-Centred Reality (Article)
by Zeus

Reality includes all things physically tangible to an individual. Everything that can be heard, seen, touched, tasted, or smelled is considered real and so a part of a person's reality. With a Me-Centred Reality (MCR) an individual is the creator of all things real within their own reality. Only people, places and things that the MCR individual creates via conscious, subconscious, and unconscious intents appear in their reality. Since the individual is responsible for the creation of their own reality then they are ultimately responsible for what occurs within it. In MCR's the individual is said to create the situations, people and places they encounter in their life. Without the single individual in an MCR their reality does not exist, which means that each time new individuals are encountered they are created our of the centre individual's need to have them in their reality. The individual in question, who is at the heart of the MCR, is considered to be the Reality Centre. A Reality Centre controls everything that happens to and around them; however this is usually done unconsciously. In understanding that as a Reality Centre a person is in control of their environment they may take conscious control of what happens to and around them, or they may choose to continue on naively trusting their unconscious ability to create a healthy reality. One must comment though that the latter choice is deemed as a disregard of an individual's responsibilities within reality. The Reality Centre is at the heart of an extremely complex structure they build throughout their life and they must understand that everything that occurs to them is initiated by their own intents into/towards their reality. Breaking the concept down reveals that an individual is unable to lay blame for anything in their reality on anyone but themselves, because they are the one that created the situation, since that situation wouldn't exist without the individual. The main concept behind a MCR is that of a high level of responsibility. During the last decades of an increasingly globalized, westernized society it has become chique, almost mainstream, to invent someone else to lay fault on, or see fault in. An individual must understand how peculiar this idea is when everything in a reality is simply an extension of the self. The individual is simply laying blame on himself or herself without accepting responsibility, which is utterly unacceptable. In Pure Energy Psi a common saying pertaining to reality is, "You control reality." Each individual has in their reality only what they themselves create and they must take control of and responsibility for their own reality and what occurs within it. After all, they are all that really exists in a Me-Centred Reality.