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We-Centred Reality (Article)
by Zeus

Mass, or We-Centred Reality is a continuation of the concepts related to Me-Centred Reality. A reality is created by a single individual in a Me-Centred Reality with all other individuals being intented into existence by that one individual. The progression appears towards a Mass Reality when one understand that each created individual will have their own Me-Centred Reality. This essentially allows for individuals in existence to have their own reality, which might differ slightly, or grandly from any other single individual's created reality. A Mass Reality is created via the interaction of multiple Me-Centred Realities. Whenever more than one individual is in some sort of contact with another, which is all the time throughout life, a Mass Reality is created. A Mass Reality differs in size depending on the circumstances, individuals in question and Reality Centre. Reality Centres are described as a single individual that appears at the heart of a Mass Reality. This person may be the one with the strongest reality or simply the individual with the most ties to other individuals in the reality. Mass Realities change with the consensus of the individual realities within them. This allows each reality within the mass to continue its creative role individually since the Mass Reality is simply an averaging of multiple Me-Centred Realities.