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Auras (Article)
by Zeus

For thousands of years individuals as diverse as Buddhist monks and Native American Shamans have worked with understanding and translating the body’s aura. Auras have been used for centuries to diagnose people that may be ill or to judge an individual’s personality or mood. A change in an aura can actually lend a great deal of insight into exactly what is occurring with a person at any given time. All living things radiate an aura as the aura consists of aural energy, or waste energy that is continually being cast-off. Any human, plant, or animal usually produces more energy during normal life processes than they need and this excess energy is released from the body to form the aura. As the energy is released it tends to concentrate around the body before integrating with and dispersing into the universal energy. Psychics use the area of concentration around the body as the aura and interpret the energy from it.

Until recently in history science has been quite wary and disapproved speaking of the living aura. It wasn’t until the latter part of the twentieth century that science began to study the aura and its affects in earnest. What science has discovered is what psychics have known for a long time, the aura does exist and it exists in colour. Through the use of special cameras and film and more recently using specialized digital equipment scientists have been able to take pictures and movies of auras and their interaction with other energy. This tangible proof has given science enough of a foothold to continue looking into the body’s energy field in hopes of discovering through scientific process what help knowing someone’s aura might be. While science continues to study psychics continue to utilize the aura as an important indicator of the energy type and level of any living thing.

An aura is generally perceived visually with the physical eyes as having several different colours. With auras, depending on the path followed, there are usually three associated different colours or shades that reflect health, emotional balance, and personality within the living thing. The health of an individual can be discussed via the strength, colour and density of an aura. A healthy person will usually show as someone that has an aura that radiates a metre or more and which contains distinct shades that do not appear dull, or dingy. The density of the aura is also important in that a thin or highly scatted aura could be an indication of a problem producing the energy internally, or the person using too much. Twinned with aura density is the location of the colour concentration. If a colour concentrates around a single area of the body, or over a portion only this indicates either a great deal of energy produced in that area, or a problem. Interpreting for aural health it is always important to translate the entire aura before deciding if there are any areas of concern.

The aura colours for emotional balance usually focus around the head as it is the brain that creates, interprets, and radiates the emotional energy felt by a person. A general rule of thumb with emotions is that angry emotions tend to have a lower vibration than happy emotions so they will appear as more vibrant reds and oranges rather than the softer greens to violets that come from the happier emotions. The strength of emotions also affects the size of the individual’s aural field. Strong emotions, whether good or bad, will increase the size of the field with angry emotional colours more inclined to sit on the outer edge of the aura where happy emotional colours will fill the entire field. Emotional balance is important in the case of auras since the interaction with other energy is constant in any living being. When a person is balanced the affect they produce on others will not be overwhelming, or suffocating as can sometimes happen. Control of the aura leads into a person’s personality.

Personality can be dramatically showcased in the dominant colouring and subtle undertones of an aura. Whether a person has an A-type personality, or is shy and submissive will show in the strength, size, and vibrancy of their aura. Though colours seen and translated in auras are personal there are numerous colour charts available to help generalize the meaning of each colour.

Overall it can be seen that the aura is an important part of psi and it is necessary that a psychic knows and understands what an aura is and how to see them.