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Energy Manipulation (Article)
by Zeus

With psi everything can be broken down into categories of energy. The differing forms of energy relating to movement and arrangement create what appears as material (mass/physical) or non-material (low mass/non-physical) categories of energy. A rock may be thought of as simply a rock or it may be viewed as an ordered and slower moving concentration of energy. Compare the rock with the air and it will be noted that an individual may move through one, but not the other. The nature of air is that of faster moving, less tightly structured energy that allows slower moving, tightly structured energy to pass through. Yet even tightly structured things, like a rock, are not impervious to other energies. If one were to shine a bright enough light at the rock some small portion of that light will get through since the rock even though it is concentrated energy is still rather porous when energy is considered. All these examples really mean is that energy in some form is integrally important to everything that exists. When an individual is able to harness their own energy they may have the opportunity to utilize that energy to affect other energy within existence most notably within the individual’s own reality. In generalized terms those in psi tend to label harnessing one’s own energy for use as energy manipulation.

Energy manipulation involves an individual understanding their own energy enough to both move it within themselves to accomplish a goal and to move their own energy outside the body in a manner necessary to affect other concentrations of energy. For an individual energy manipulation should always begin internally so that adequate time can be invested in learning the nuances of their personal energy. Each individual creates and uses different make-ups of internal aural energy for psi, which creates difficulty when discussing exactly how to manipulate energy. There is however some overlap in commonality so people are able to share experiences. As an example many people will relate that concentrating large amounts of energy in certain areas of the body will create a tingling, or buzzing sensation. When moving energy internally a person must use visualization to create the outcome of movement as was set in their goal to start. Simple visualization marks the energy pattern changes as desired and then continued manipulation ensures they occur. Of course before major bouts of energy manipulation, because it is a psi technique, an individual should ensure that they are in the proper state by first going through the basics of psi including grounding, centring and intaking. When an individual is centred into the correct mindset they will be much more aware of their own energy. Understanding personal energy for energy manipulation becomes increasingly important as an individual extends the technique outside of their body to manipulate their energy in an external environment. External energy manipulation, like internal energy manipulation, roots itself in the necessity of visualization. The goal of external energy manipulation completely depends on the technique used with the energy (empathy, healing, telepathy) but the individual should always aim to affect the energy and not the mass even in physical situations. Truly the bottom line is that it is the energy that is manipulated in all psi circumstances and that is where psi gains its possibilities.