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Centring (Practical)
by Zeus

  • Visualization Theory
  • Focal Point Theory
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Energy Theory
  • Energy Pools

  • To set a person in the correct mindset and energy to perform the best psi possible, and to bring a person in tune with the harmony of energy

    1. In a quiet place
  • Begin at the first focal point and visualize a red light coming on in that area to symbolize its opening
  • Continue through the major focal points with coloured lights representing the various openings (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white)
  • Visualize opening focal points in the palm of both hands, with the light being a white, or lavender in colour
  • Visualize opening focal points in the arch of both feet, with the light being white, or lavender in colour
  • Through visualization create an energy connection that runs from the base of the spine to the base of the brain
  • An inner body energy connection is most often visualized as a common outdoor electricity extension cord
  • Using visualization create energy connections that connect each focal point to the energy connection running from the base of the spine to the base of the brain (Primary Energy Pathway). Do not forget to run connections from the focal points in the hands and feet
  • In series connect, through visualization, the four main energy pools of the body
  • The Aural Energy Pool exists in the head and should have a connection that runs down to the Centre Energy pool that is located in the chest area
  • From the Centre Energy pool a connection should be made to the pool below it (Heightened Energy Pool)
  • The Heightened Energy Pool should then be connected to the energy pool below it that is located in the lower abdomen (Transcendental Energy Pool)
  • Each energy pool now needs to be separately linked into the Primary Energy Pathway using energy connections. It is easiest to begin at the top and connect the Aural Energy Pool first, then work your way down
  • The next step involves connecting the Energy Self you have just created to your physical body again using visualized energy connections. Each connection should be "plugged in" or connected to the middle of the top of the thigh of the appropriate leg
  • From the Aural Energy Pool two connections should be run with one connecting to the right thigh and the other to the left thigh
  • Connections from the Centre Energy Pool should number two and connect singly to the right and left thighs
  • One connection should connect the Heightened Energy Pool to the right thigh
  • One connection should connect the Transcendental Energy Pool to the left thigh
  • The Centring Technique is accomplished at this point, but most people will then run a neutralizing screen over their body to promote personal balance

    • Instead of visualized lights many techniques will have a person visualize the focal points opening as blossoming flowers

    • Since this technique is used to bring one into a psi mindset and awareness of energy a shifting of perception usually accompanies its completion
    • Centring is a necessary technique to accomplish before most other techniques are begun

    • ITB: 5 to 30 minutes
    • AAW: 60 seconds or less