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Centring (Article)
by Zeus

In actively working with psi large amounts of energy are shuffled around the body in order to ensure the proper concentration of available energy according to whichever technique is being utilized. Depending on a person’s psi path where and how the energy travels in the body will change; however in Pure Energy Psi internal energy transfer is largely accomplished along purely visualized conduits throughout the body. The concept of visualized conduits or carriers for energy separates large concentrations of energy from established physical connections where unwanted effects may occur if shared with energy shunting. Separating energy pathways from physically established networks, such as the circulatory system, also has the added bonus of lowering instances of blocked pathways. In having fewer blocked systems there is also a decreased risk of physical complications from energy work. The overall process of creating visualized conduits or pathways for energy to follow within the body is referred to as the centring technique.

Centring provides a means for a person to shunt, or move large quantities of energy around their body that otherwise might harm them. The physical body has very finite limits on the amount of energy each system can handle before interference occurs. To give some idea of interference that can occur one must think of the very small amounts of chemical and electrical impulses needed to invoke a reaction. Within the nervous system excess energy may cause involuntary actions, like spasms, or may disrupt the natural flow of sensory input leaving the brain without necessary information. Disruption of the nervous system is ultimately a disagreeable idea since even short blockages can lead to serious physical harm, or even death. Another system that can be negatively impacted through the over concentration of energy is the circulatory system. The circulatory system relies heavily on having the proper mix of elements and chemicals within it, and energy in large quantities can actually change the dissolved constituents of the blood, or lymph system. Though psi related circulatory problems are less common there is a higher risk of disease within the lymph system due to blocks via energy interruptions. Other aspects of the body including tissues and organs can be affected by energy as well which is why the creation of alternate pathways through centring is so important.

Visualized pathways, conduits, or connections within the body may be created via intent using whatever visual a person may feel comfortable with. Whether it be the standard cabling that looks like electrical wiring, tubes, or straws as long as the separate system is created for energy use a person is able to skirt all of the negative aspects associated with moving energy through existing physical systems. The goal of centring is actually to connect the main areas of energy focus together in order to create an internal network just for psi.

An internal psi network must be set up before each use of psi, within a set period of time, as the network will dissipate on its own once large-scale energy transfer ceases. This means that centring only needs to be done to begin a psi session and as long as psi is continued within approximately eight hours of the first centring there is no need for a second session. The eight hour advisory only works in a continually conscious state, so if a person sleeps for any reason centring should be repeated. If a person wishes to be cautious there is no harm in re-centring at any time as the new connections created simply replace the old ones. The alternate system created in centring is important enough to be considered one of the “basics of psi.”

Like grounding the technique of centring should precede any higher level psi technique. Centring is done after grounding, but before intaking. Done in this manner the centring connections are created in a grounded, or balanced atmosphere before large quantities of energy are internalized through intaking. As has been shown centring is an important technique for personal protection as well as to promote the healthful use of psi.