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Energy (Article)
by Zeus

It has been shown that it is theorized psi is possible through the manipulation of fundamental energy, but psi abilities do not actually manipulate this fundamental energy directly, instead they interact with the physical, or non-physical characteristics of whatever is formed by the fundamental. For ease of discussion and understanding the Pure Energy path through psi splits and generally categorizes energy. Since psi abilities function through the manipulation of energy it is the category of energy used and not the actual technique that states whether an ability is classed as psychic, or magick. Energy is split into Internal and Universal categories when used for psi. Internal energy is all the energy within, or belonging to an individual, and is associated with psychism (all things of a psychic nature). Universal energy is external to all individuals and belongs to no single individual. Often Universal energy is referred to as External energy and is associated with anything of a magick nature. While this categorization of energy is not perfect and there is overlap it does well in easing the burdens of explaining the different aspects of psi. For any abilities that fall into a grey area of using some energy from both categories the ability, or technique is classed via the category of energy that is used in the greatest amount.
Fundamental energy in its base state is a neutral energy having zero charge, and so has little effect during interaction with other non-charged energy. However, when something is created or when energy interacts with individuals the resultant energy, after interaction, usually acquires a slight charge. Again the Pure Energy path steps in to categorize these charges to ease the burdens of discussion. Energy charges are said to be either positive, or negative. This split into positive and negative has nothing to do with good and evil it simply states that one energy is opposite from the other, much like the terminals of a battery. It is often best to keep Internal energy as neutral as possible, so that psychic interactions cause as little imbalance as possible and are allowed the greatest leeway in achieving goal. Neutral Internal energy also reduces the risks associated with imbalance in the body and lessens the risk of chemical imbalances, and nerve fibre misfiring.
Energy, in general, is neutral in nature and only picks up charge through interaction with other energy (whether charged via intent or natural interactions). The acquiring of charge happens like putting one extra person into a crowded room. Those people directly around the extra person must make room and in doing so interact with those people around them and so on. This snowball effect continues until the crowded room reaches an equilibrium (sense of balance) again and the effect of adding an extra person begins to wear off and eventually disappears. Energy reacts similarly and like the crowded room will eventually return to its base neutral state once balance, or a sense thereof, is restored.
Pure Energy psi does take one more step in classifying energy and creates classes for Order and Chaos energy. Since this existence is relatively ordered it is rare to find Chaos energy of any sort. Even if one did find chaos-class energy they should be sure to stay away from interacting with it as it has a detrimental effect on an ordered reality. What is abundant within an ordered existence is a subclass of Order energy called Disorder energy. Disorder energy differs from Chaos energy in that Disorder energy is the same energy type as Order energy only without the same rigid structure. The energy in the disorder subclass continues to have patterns and relative predictability, but unlike true Order energy Disorder energy interactions cause disarray and movement away from established patterns, which introduces spontaneity into set systems. Almost every individual in psi claiming to use Chaos energy infact utilizes Disorder energy as characterized by the Pure Energy path through psi. Any individual establishing a psi path is wise to choose to interact with only Order energy in as neutral a manner as possible, at least until they are confident and proficient in energy manipulation and understanding.