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Making and Using a RFD
by Rhyannon

Making and Using a RFD

The premise behind the design for a RFD (Random Field Device) is to allow you to “see” and “hear” what your subconscious is attempting to answer or convey. We must then make a distraction for the conscious mind and give it time to rest in order for the subconscious to send the information. On the net you will find a few really good ideas on how to make a RFD, simple and cheap to create. Here is one design I tend to favor the most.

Scrying Mirror RFD

Materials needed are basic and you will need your own creativity to figure out the best method for attaching the materials to get the results needed.

Clear Glass: at least 5” – 7” wide and tall/or around.

Black Material or black paint: glossy would be fine, anything that gives off a sense of “depth” to it when behind the glass or dried and applied to the glass. Test your best materials.

Tin Foil: enough to surround the entire edge of the glass. The foil should be one inch around on the top of the mirror. This enhances that sense of foreground and allows the blackness go into the background. Enhancing the ‘depth’ of the object.

Optional: a stand that will hold the scrying mirror in place at eye level.

Only one problem remains is how to attach the material to the back of the glass. If you use any thing on the surface it will mar it by creating adhesive spots that would distract from the purpose. I would suggest mounting the glass on a black surface (Like cork board and black material stapled to it to hold the material in place) then apply the tin foil around the edges. Thankfully, black scrying mirrors are cheap now and if you do not feel like making your own it should be easy enough to find one online to purchase.

Using a RFD

Relaxation and quiet is key to this exercise. Make sure to have at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of silence available to use.

Sit in a relaxed position. A place you can sink yourself into and not shift your body for long periods. Put the scrying mirror at eye level or if you can just slightly above eye level. The surface should have no reflections of objects in the room or even the ceiling unless it is absolutely smooth and unmarred (ceiling fans & water marks and yes spiders are distracting).

You can either just allow images to come up on their own or you will ask a simple question and just really relax yourself into that question. Example would be “what will be my final grade in math” from there on, all you have to do is think of the question, not the work or the teacher, just the question … a grade….. nothing more. As you sit there and stare into the surface going deeper into it as though you are walking into a dark hall. You may see things such as gray billowing clouds tumbling over on the surface. Your mind will now start slowly throwing images on the surface. It could look like flashes of light, pools of swirling colors, distorted faces etc. keep relaxed and staring “into” the mirror with your question in mind and wait for images to become solid. The odds after 10 minutes of practice you will see something are over 75%. Continue to practice and ask questions daily. The more time spent on it the better. Goodluck!