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Random Field Devices
by Rhyannon

Random Field Devices

Even though we do not consciously acknowledge it, our brains are absorbing information through all of the senses (that is, sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste), then sorting it and storing it. When we need information we can recall it by just thinking of it. The subconscious also uses this information to convey messages back to us. One way for us to improve our psychic abilities is through the practice and use of a Random Field Device (RFD).

RFDs are crystal balls, scrying mirrors (dark mirrored surfaces), pools of water, ink spots, etc. Anything that will allow your mind to focus on an area that has nothing to focus on within it. To “sink in it” in a manner of speaking, the effect will seem almost 3-D. Imagine staring into an ink spot and I believe you will understand how that works.

A RFD works by allowing your conscious mind to temporarily suspend its usual sorting of information. This tunes you into your subconscious and in turn allows it (the subconscious) to “speak and show” you information by sending it back to your consciousness in ways you already understand. You see a rose, you touch a rose and even taste a rose this information you processed consciously and now your subconscious is aware you have processed it and that you recognize the rose with all the nuances. This is one way information is gained with a RFD.

Images reach the PCC (the visual center) and access is now available to your awaiting subconscious to use when ready. All of what the senses have picked up and used through out the day, are used by the subconscious to convey messages. Using a RFD will allow your subconscious (at first) to show you visually or even tell you with audible information what you are requesting. Soon even what your own subconscious has been trying to tell you will be conveyed quite clearly with practice.

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