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Huna Outline
by ChezNips

The word huna means "secret" and a kahuna would be a "keeper" of the secret now commonly referred to as an expert in any field in modern Hawaii. It is very difficult to explain what Huna is, perhaps in part because of the tradition of secrecy. Huna is a powerful and transforming system of practices, teachings philosophy, energy work and more. Huna may be referred to by some as a religion only because of its prayer like aspects but it is not a religion by definition and is more often classed as shamanic. Huna uses a life force energy called "mana" for use in learning skills very parallel to psionics. What is most notable is the Huna teachings of the subconscious, conscious and superconscious centries before modern psychology even began discussing them. Also interesting is that the Hawaiian words have many layered meanings, which ultimately lead Max Freedom Long to deciphering the secret system used by the Polynesians and traced back to the 12 tribes of man and possibly Atlantis.

Central to Huna is the break down of a person into 3 distinct and separate selves that work closely together.

The Lower self: The unconscious/subconscious self that is home to the animalistic emotions and the shadow part of a person that works closely with the middle self. The Lower self is the mechanism that makes mana for use of all 3 selves.

The Middle Self: The part of us that is the conscious reasoning rational self. In the Huna View, the middle self has no memory, the memory is retrieved from the lower self which works so closely that its regarded as a brother. The middle self has imagination, and will and instructs the subconscious. The middle self is the only part of a person that is capable of doing harm to their self and others.

The High Self: This is the part of us that is the super conscious soul or God self because if communicated with properly, this self is what manifests all desired things into reality. The high self is the trusty all-wise guide that is capable of communicating to the god source or with other higher/god selves.

The goal in huna is that all 3 selves are taught to communicate with each other in harmony. Huna does a great deal of work on developing qualities of heart and character. The huna practitioner becomes more and more aware of the nurturing and loving aspects of the Earth and feels loved and supported by nature.

Each of the 3 selves also has its own individual shadowy body. Those shadoy bodies of the lower and middle selves are closely surrounded and interblended with the physical body until the death process whereby the selves live in their shadowy bodies. The higherself lives at all times in it's shadowy body and during life, there is physical contact made with the higherslf and its shadowy body but at no times does the higherself or its shadowy body reside in the physical body. Psychology recognises the equivilant of the 3 selves but not the shadowy bodies. However, Psychic science recognises these bodies as etheric doubles.

Huna recognises 3 kinds of energy, one grade for each self, all of them referred to as mana. The grades are divided as such: the lower self uses mana as life force or seen as a similarity to mesmeric force. The middle self uses its grade, called mana mana, as "will" or hypnotic force. The higher self uses loa mana but charges it in some mysterious way for its usage such as healing, creating thoughtforms or patterns out of the shadody substance to become materialized in the future. Each grade of mana is generated in the lower self and transfered to that self for usage.

Huna teaches a connectedness to all of life and the ability to direct energy to assist the Earth in return for that support.

Seven Huna Principles

Awareness: The World is what you think it is.
Freedom: There are no Limits.
Concentration: Energy Flows where attention goes.
Persistence: Now is the moment of power.
Love: To love is to be happy with.
Confidence: All Power comes from within.
Wisdom: Effectiveness is the measure of truth.

In Huna practice, one of the very first goals is becoming the kind of person who's prayers are answered not just once but on a regular basis. In the process of Huna prayer you learn to, with careful focus, form the thought forms you want to manifest. After you have a clear picture in your mind of what you want, you build up a surcharge of mana or energy by doing a Ha Ritual (energy building exercise) and send the thought forms, also called seeds along your aka cords to the lower self. The lower self then carries these on to the high self and Aumakua to produce a rain of blessings in answer to know that your prayer has been received and an answer will be forthcoming.