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Ha Rite
by ChezNips

The Ha Rite is the very cornerstone of Huna. It is comprized of gathering energy in in the lower self, using the middle self to project the desire and then connecting by an aka cord to the higherself and sending that energized thoughtform to the higherself. The thoughtforms build on eachother like a chain or a cluster of grapes, connecting and sticking together to form a framework in the spirit and energy body in which to manifest into reality.

The title of this particular rite comes from the hawaiian word "Ha" which has many layers of meanings. It is also fortunate that these meanings have another secret, they tell us exactly what to do. Ha in the hawaiian dictionary means among many things breath and the numberal 4. Taken literally, we gather energy by breathing 4 times. You start by inhaling thru the nostrils sharply and quickly, filling the lungs. Then exhalation with the mouth slightly open in a slower haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa method. This is to be done in 4 sets and a nice warm feeling can be flet in the abdomen. The word "ha" also means water. Water is the huna symbol for mana or energy. So what we have with the word Ha is that we produce energy by breathing hard 4 times.

As the subconscious mind is busy with the task of gathering energy, the conscious mind should have decided what it wants to achieve. The Conscious mind will project what it wants in pictures in the mind as a visualization. Once this is complete, we visualize an aka cord going from the abdomen to above therown connecting to the higherself. The energized thoughtform will be sent up this cord and if everything has gone correctly, the "rain of blessings" will be felt to be translated as a light dew or mist felt on the skin.