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Exercise 31: Testing Perception of Energy Clouds
by ChezNips


Psychically clean the room. Have the bowl of rock salt handy. Clean your self and focus your energy body. Sit across from your partner in the grounded position.

Shaper's Instructions:

Use the pervious technique to form an energy cloud but alternate between making the cloud increase and decrease in size . You should write down the sequence before you start the exercise. Tell your partner as you begin each change.

Perceiver's Instructions:

This exercise will help you in developing energy perception. Open your mind and take a few relaxing breaths and then take some time to perceive whether the energy in the area between you and your partner is increasing or decreasing. You can use physical touch to check your perceptions if necessary. When you have finnished, make sure to clean your hands in the bowl of salt.


Keep in mind that this exercise is difficult and will take more practice then some of the others. If it took a few weeks to clearly feel energy moving in your hand way back in exercise 1, you should anticipate that this exercise will take at least the same amount of time. This exercise frequently causes self doubt but try to be as objective, methodical and patient as possible. Remember that you are developing a new perception and to give it a fair chance as it will pay off if you stick with it.


Change roles and repeat the exercise. You should psychically clean the room when you are completely done and make sure to record all your observations in your journal.