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Exercise 28: Sculpting Psychic Energy
by ChezNips

This exercise works to enhanse your kinaesthetic sense. We will also begin working on distance perception. This exercise helps in your development of control and psychic strength in general.


Psychically clean the room you will be working in as well as psychically cleaning yourself. It is important in this and the following exercises to clean your hands of excess energy frequently so be sure to have a fresh bowl of salt handy. Focus your energy body and sit in a grounded position across from your partner. Perform this exercise 2 or more times per shape.

Shaper's Instructions:

Generate energy as you did in previous exercises and direct it down your arm and into the palm of your hand into a sphere similar in size to a tennis ball. You can make the ball larger and then compact it into a more dense ball if this is more to your liking. Since the energy is easily pliable, its easy to shape like clay or playdoh, however it is sometimes difficult for beginners to maintain that shape without mentally putting a hard shell on it especially when it comes to maintaining the shape under the pressure of the human touch. Because of this, it may be necessary to add layers of energy and compact them into a sphere making it as dense as possible. After this is accomplished to your satisfaction, place the sphere in the space between you and your partner.

Perceiver's Instructions:

With your dominant hand, gently reach out and touch your partner's energy sphere. You can gently guide your hands around the edges of the shape, even going as far as to gently cup the shape in both hands. You need to be aware of the warmth of the energy and the mass and weight in your hands. Can you tell if your partner made a perfectly round sphere or is the ball asymmetrical? With your fingertips, gently press the sphere to test the density. Can you perceive an indentation in the sphere? Did the energy scatter as you asserted more pressure? Toss the sphere gently from hand to hand to see if it withstands and retains its shape. Play with the sphere for a few minutes and when you are finnished, place the sphere into the rock salt.

Advanced Variation: Solidifying Energy

As you continue to practice with your energy manipulation, you will learn to not only compact energy, but also learn to solidify it. This means the energy is densely compacted into a coherent shape which will maintain a slow but uniform vibration. To solidify a sculpted shape after its completely compacted, it needs to be tuned to a frequency a bit lower then your own vibration. Just like in the previous exercises using perception and skills involving vibration, you can use a symbol such as a color or a tone that best suits you. Just remember that your personal vibration is a combination of many frequencies and that the solified energy will have one vibration only. If you are choosing a color to use, choose a darker color because the darker the color has a much slower the vibration. If choosing a tone, choose one that is low on a musical scale because again, the vibrational rate is slower. Experimentation will help you find the one that feels the best to you.


Use a variety of geometric shapes such as cubes, cylinders and pyramids. As you practice you can get more advanced with your geometric shapes using tetrahedrons or star or other more advanced shapes. Another variation is to perceive the shapes without touching them. See what information you can gain without using physical senses. Make sure to change roles and repeat the exercises and record your results in your journal.