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Exercise 27: Energy Rapport for Groups
by ChezNips

This exercise is useful in facilitating group communication. As you have already experienced, its not difficult to set energy in motion and often takes only a simple mental command to initiate mobility. One person alone can easily harmonize a group by using this technique and I suggest you try using this technique as often as possible in your every day settings to afford yourself more practice. Because the whole group is being tuned all together, it is unlikely that anyone will feel his or her individual space being infringed upon.


Clean,focus the energy body and stand or sit in a grounded position. Repeat three times or more.


Start by visualizing a wind sweeping clockwize from behind yourself through and around each person in the group. The action of the wind is to blend and harmonize all the different vibrations. After you have initiated mobility of the energy flow (visualized wind) it will only be necessary to ocassionally give attention to keep the energy flow in motion.


Record your observations in your journal.