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Exercise 26: Energy Rapport- Circle Technique
by ChezNips

Using the figure eight technique works better with people that are unfamiliar. The unfamiliar partner will not feel threatened because the flow of energy from body to body is somewhat indirect and leaves space between two people. When forming a rapport with someone you have close ties with, the circle rapport formation pattern is more effective because the flow of energy moves more directly and harmonizes the energies more completely. For this reason it can be used better with people whith who you are intimate with or who are on a familiar basis with you and your energy. There will always be some people no matter how close you are in relationship that will find this technique intrusive and uncomfortable. I would suggest you experiment with both techniques on friends and people you are not as familiar with.


Clean, focus the energy body and stand in a grounded position. Repeat three or more times.


Create a band of energy about 12 inches wide moving in a clockwize direction at about waist level encircling both you and your partner. The energy will continue to move largely on its own with a bare minimum of attention once it's in motion.


Notice the difference between the two techniques and record your observations. Can you feel the energy flow better in one technique from the other? Describe what the differences feel like.