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Exercise 12: Cleaning Another Person
by ChezNips

Once you have learned to expertly clean your own body, its time to learn to clean another person's body. This is very useful if a person is sick, been through an emotional trauma and is too weak or injured to do the waterfall visualization and scraping of themselves or has not yet learned the techniques. Cleaning another person will be very easy, it's the use of the last exercise only on another body. One trick is to make sure you, yourself do not absorb any of the debris you are removing from the other person. A visualization of wearing rubber gloves is helpful to avoid this situation.


Have the bowl of salt ready and make sure that yourself and the person you are working on has natural non-binding clothing and have removed all jewelry.

Cleaner's Instructions:

It is very important that you follow the exact order in which you remove another person's energy as listed below:
1. Start by cleaning both sides of the back going downward to the feet but DO NOT touch the spine.
2. Clean the insides and back of each leg.
3. Starting at the clavicle or collar bone, clean the chest and torso.
4. Clean the front and sides of each leg.
5. Starting at the shoulder clean the full length of each arm including the hand and fingers.
6. Clean the spine starting from the tail bone going up to the skull, making sure to clean the energy out from between each vertabra.
7. Moving with upward strokes, clean the head and neck area.

When you have finnished, the person you cleaned should feel lighter and much more relaxed. Make sure to cleanse yourself afterwards as well.


Negative energy tends to build up around people that are ill. Psychic debris can quickly accumulate from the person's bad feelings of pain and worry as well as the anxiety and worry of others around the sick person. Removing this energy not only helps the sick person feel better but it accelerates their energy to heal themselves. You must be particularly gentle in cleaning a sick person and it may not be possible to clean their whole body in one session. Sometimes partial cleansings or many sessions are required if they are too weak.

In the case that you are in a place where you cannot use a dish of salt, you may substitute running cold water or visualize a strong wind blowing the debris out the window. This works well in hospital rooms and other places where discression is needed. In these cases it is recommended to break up the cleansing session into 3 or 4 smaller sessions to continously remove the accumulated energy. It is extremely important to cleanse your energy field and to ground after such an occurance.