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Exercise 11: Cleaning Your Field
by ChezNips

Some energy has a very heavy frequency and requires a little more effort to clean off especially when you feel its accumulated into a thick hard crust. You can accomplish this by using your hands in a scraping motion and scraping the psychic debris off as if you would remove a thick heavy layer of mud. Using the waterfall visualization first and then accompanying it with a full body scraping is the most effective way to be thoroughly cleansed.


Keep a bowl of salt ready and start out standing in the grounded position.


What you will be doing is scraping your full body head to toe and visualizing clearly at the same time that you are removing the thick layer of psychic debris and old energy. Be especially aware of the feeling in your hands and arms as you are scraping and as the psychic debris accumulates there. You will need to ocassionally clean off your hands in the dish of salt to remove the accumulation in your hands. It's helpful to keep your hands at a 90 degree angle from the surface of your body to remove the build up and not to rub it in insted. Remember that the visualizations help to focus your energy body and what it is to accomplish, this means carrying through the actions on your physical body as if it were actually covered in a thick heavy crust. Concentration is very important here but you also want to be loose and relaxed while you are doing each and every psychic exercise and not tense the body up. If you lose focus while you are scraping energy, your energy body then has no idea what it is to do and things come to a halt. Moving your hands over your body without the concentration and focus does nothing.

Starting at the shoulders, take your dominant hand and start at the opposite shoulder scraping down and away from you. Stroke down the arm and off the hand covering all surface area. Clean your hands in the salt and start on the other shoulder, again covering all surface area on the arm and hand. Again clean the hands in salt and starting from your neck, go up to the chin and using both hands scrape all debris off the face and over the top of your head. In one smooth motion, starting at the back of the neck scrape upwards and remove the energy gathered at the crown of the head. Cleanse your hands in salt and start on your abdomen cleaning down to your hips. The Back is more difficult to do but you should be able to manage to sweep all the energy down your torso. From there its much like removing a pair of pantyhose, one leg at a time by cupping the hands on each side of one leg and pushing in a downward motion and off the calves and toes of each foot.


Again, this exercise can be used with the waterfall visualization in the shower because you subconsciously know all the debris is going down the drain. Because the shower is your place to wash, the subconscious mind relates to this action and can better fill in the blanks as in having physical stimulus to complete the mental actions.


Record all observations in your journal. Experiment which feels better to you, in the shower or out of.