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Psi Spheres
by Zeus

Before attempting this for the first time I advise you to read and understand the basics of energy.
A Psi Sphere (PS) is created by focusing your internal energy between the palms of your hands. You might not always be able to see a PS, but you should always be able to feel them.
Here is what you need to do:
Psi Sphere Put both your arms comfortably infront of you, so they are not resting on anything. Begin to visualize, and will your Internal Energies into your dominant palm. It may help you to cup your hand slightly to actually create a catch basin for the energy. You should feel the energies radiating from your palm, and you should also feel the warmth from the focused energy. Slowly bring your non-dominant hand, palm down, overtop of your other hand, keeping them 8 to 10 inches apart. At this point you should begin to feel the energies start to move from your bottom palm into your top palm. Now bring your hands together, and touch fingertips, but not your palms. Allow some IE to flow into your non-dominant hand, and you should feel an increased warmth, and tingling from between your two hands. Equalize the amounts of IE in both your palms, and will it to radiate to the centre point between your palms. If you can't see the sphere don't panic. If you can feel it it is there. Now to use it slowly remove your non-dominant hand, and the Psi Sphere will be "attached" to your dominant palm at the centre point you were concentrating the energy. It is now ready to be used in a healing, to use for protection, or the more complicated task of viewing.
A word of caution with Psi Spheres is NOT to destroy another person's. This causes the concentrated energy to be released, and it can create serious physical consequences.