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Material World Line
by Fire_Opal


(1) Personal resources
(4) Practicality
(7) Limits to the material world

Where we find name diagrams with many circles around the numbers of this line we find a person with a strong awareness of the world of material reality. Such individuals are aware of their identity: they know who they are, know the world as it appears to be, and know how far the material world can be stretched. A weak line indicates less attachment to the material world.
This line points to the awareness the individual has of being part of the material world. This sense involves the question of : 'What is possible?', and usually meets the barrier: 'Not everything is possible.'
The three focal points on this line are the numbers (1), (4) and (7). This line of energy focuses on being able to manage in the world. It has its origins in being rather than doing or feeling, on thinking logically and practically rather than abstractly: on thinking of what one cannot do or ought not do, rather than thinking about what one ought to do, irrespective of the cost. It is concerned with the earthbound, rather than the creative. Where this line dominates, we are faced with an individual who knows what material reality is about.

This energy has a focus on the awareness of living beings consisting of material substance (body consciousness).

This energy has a focus on the awareness of the need for positioning oneself in a concrete world composed of the elements.

This energy has a focus on the awareness of the need for accepting the limitations that the material world imposes on the individual.