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Psi Palatium Certifications
Psi Palatium Certified Seer, Healer, Reader, Psychic, Teacher
In order to assist the global community in easily identifying people that are legitimate in their craft the Psi Palatium lends its name through certification of Healers, Seers, Readers and Psychics. Qualifying Certified individuals meet and often exceed evaluations administered by the Psi Palatium Community Certification Committee. Select individuals, with the proper experience and characteristics, may also attain a Teacher certification in their selected genre, which is denoted by a crown in their crest.

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Seer Certifications on File : 5

A Psi Palatium Certified Seer (PPCS) demonstrates the ability to gather information from external sources without the five physical senses. Information gathered is not person-specific and may be received through empathy, premonition, dream-walking, intuition, or any number of related techniques.

Nickname: Fenix
Name: Jonathan Williams
Certified: 2001-02-14
Country: United States
Nickname: Kaerwolf
Name: Withheld
Certified: 2001-08-06
Country: United States
Nickname: Nesert Ka
Name: Withheld
Certified: 2003-01-02
Country: Canada
Nickname: Morgaine
Name: Withheld
Certified: 2004-12-10
Country: United States
Nickname: Raven of Eire
Name: Withheld
Certified: 2005-01-03
Country: United States