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Understand the Scope
by Zeus

As a person in psi my favourite question and retort from others is, “How do you know?” The question often arises when discussing intensely personal aspects of another person’s life as if both of us lived them. The retort is often accusatory and is bundled with the saying, “Don’t presume to know me.” In the retort the person has often just been shown an aspect of themselves that they greatly dislike or suppress. The retort is the knee-jerk reaction to being critically looked at.

Being a person in psi both types of discussions are likely to leave you shaking your head and attempting to decide how worth the time for an explanation is. The worst is when another person of psi uses the retort, since they should be working on such aspects of themselves and so already understand any criticisms. More often than not the time necessary to explain yourself is not worth the effort and I will personally just state that I am psychic and leave things there. In such situations withdrawing all of my energy from the conversation will quickly see the retort drama wither and die.

There are many ways that another person’s life may be understood from clairsentience through empathy and in to divination. How deep and clear aspects become depends on the amount of time and energy I want to put in. The other side to the coin is also mood, whether I have emotional attachment enough to care to delve that deep and whether or not the person is supposed to know the differing aspects of their own self and their life. There is always a fine line when discussing a person’s life, because life unfolds as choices are made and is full of surprises that keep things interesting. This is one of the reasons I censor any precognitive information I may have and rarely discuss future relationships. What ends up happening is that I create a depth of scope as to how much I may know about a person and will often dissuade people from knowing the full extent of my understanding.

Lying to people and such to keep them in the dark? No. Dissuading a person may take the form of distraction, misdirection, ignoring further requests or even outright telling the person that I’m not prepared to go any further with it. Unless the other person is psi understands how the reality conceptualization works it is very scary for others to see that someone knows them so very well. It is this fear that can often drive people to irrational thought and fear. This behaviour is also why understanding the scope of share is massively important with psi.

Understanding the life of other people also requires a great deal of personal responsibility as discussions of another person’s private life needs to remain private. Airing out anything but non-specific generalizations is never a good idea as it is not only irresponsible, but also showcases a huge defect in one’s own character. Any information that I am given, or receive is often treated in almost a Doctor/Patient privilege since people without psi wouldn’t already, and might never know, the reality that is plane to see. This aspect of any interaction with other people continually requires care and re-evaluation.

People’s realities change every day with each new experience. As people change so does the scope of what they know and can know. This can create extra work as lives are constantly looked at and scope of understanding adjusted. In the end what a person of psi knows about you depends solely on what you create as your reality and your available scope of understanding.