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Life is Reality Creation
by Zeus

Every moment of your life is created by choices that you make. Each of your choices creates specific energy patterns that link up with patterns created by others. The energy patterns that you create are the me-centred reality, which would be create save for external interactions. The interaction of numerous me-centred realities creates the we-centred reality in which we live. There are numerous layers to each level of reality but the most important is your contribution.

What you continually exude into your environment is what the interaction of your created self and reality is hinged on. In this manner having clearly set goals that are constantly being worked towards ensures the creation of your vision within reality. Some people argue that this is simply good planning and not psi; however the concept is the base for psi in your life.

Psi is not some set of techniques or some mystic path that is hidden to the masses. Psi is really just a set of correctly linked energies creating an event, technique, or outcome that you desire. Like the chain of a bicycle psi relies on the connection between each link for the final strength and to ultimately drive the bicycle forward. It is up to you to ensure that each link in the chain attaches and is strong; this is why your reality is created by you.

No one else is capable of creating your reality links for you, when you’re the centre of said reality, which means there is no one to blame and no one to call on for help. The concept of being utterly alone in true me-centred realities is often enough to scare people into blaming others, or creating some higher being to call on for help. While either mentioned option make you feel better they are created fallacies that ultimately end up destroying most me-centred creations and making your bicycle chain come off the sprockets. The key to psi is that you are the centre of the created reality and it is completely your responsibility to make sure everything goes to plan. Like the conductor of an orchestra it is up to you to ensure all the pieces create a beautiful symphony.

Unfortunately the ideas of personal responsibility are being lost and concept of energy balance is also slipping away. Starting with the second concept of balance you need to look into the net effect your reality and any changes you make to it will affect not just one link in the chain, but all of them. If overall balance is affected by more than 15% the chain may jump track, seize up, or even break. As a whole the system must be treated with respect to the general area that it occurs within. Too much too quickly and everything can come crashing down on you. If the balance of energies is always considered by you then you will automatically also be taking personal responsibility for your actions and your energies. Do not blame others and do not look to others to save you from what you created yourself. At the same time you can constructively and responsibly use your links to move your reality to where it is supposed to be.

Everything to this point is getting your life with psi lined up. Expect that there will be some lag between moving into psi and having your reality links lined up and moving correctly. Once the bicycle begins to move you will realize just how much you’re in charge of what happens to you.

No excuses for the way things turn out as the execution is your own. If you’re used to hiding behind fault then be prepared to overcome fear. That great stop wedge that is fear will attempt to stop you. You will have fear of failure, of the unknown, of just about anything. Do it anyways. The fear will not go away, but you will learn how best to deal with it. Psi is all about the creation of what you desire. The path to that creative outcome does not have to be and often is not easy. Do it anyways.