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Psi Feeling
by Zeus

One of the most important aspects of successful psi is the feeling you get when tapping into your psi mindset and reaching your optimum psi mindset.  That feeling of intense calm, tingling energized body and an expanded conscious awareness is always the same no matter which outward technique you're using.  It is the psi feeling that you should always be aiming for as it is your assurance that you are doing the technique correctly whether it be connection empathy or levitation.

To achieve the proper psi mindset you should always start with the basics of grounding, centring and intaking.  If you're looking to hybridize the technique you may look to change your intaking to the continual element method in order to feed your intent.  As a refresher the element intaking simply throws connections to fire, air, water, earth and spirit, or the universal.  Once the basics are accomplished you can begin to put together your triangle  for the technique you will accomplish.

When working with the triangle always work in the present tense and within the confines of your energy limitations.  If you're unsure of your energy limit you will know that you've reached beyond your limits when the psi feeling either dissipates or fails to materialize.  Even if you move beyond your limits you can dial back your aspirations to match your available energy.  Try to keep yourself from going into energy debt as you will drag for quite awhile as your body attempts to replenish itself.

The psi feeling anchors your abilities to a physical five senses understanding that allows you to reliably return to it time and again.