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Psychometric Divination
by Zeus

The art of divination using an article belonging to a person to hone in on them and provide psychic readings is one that actually uses energy signatures and is called psychometry.  The psychic reading begins by holding something of the person being read such as keys, a wallet, or similar articles.  From the article being held the Psychic will often close their eyes while they move into their Psi Control Centre (PCC) to begin getting a feeling for the person that owns the article.  once the process is started what the psychic is looking for is the energy signature of the owner of the article being held.  The energy signature of the owner allows the Psychic to create a past and present reading for the owner and, if strong enough, a future reading.

This technique can also be modified to create a thread to an owner that allows for a remote viewing session of their surroundings.  Often times this is the technique accurate psychics use to locate missing persons, but it can also be used to find missing objects belonging to the person.

Divination of lost objects requires the Psychic to focus on the owner and then extend that out to the object that has been lost.  Since the lost object will have the owner's energy signature attached to it the remote viewing session will reveal the location of the object.  Remember though that the energy reading isn't as deep as a full fledged psychic reading; however it may be changed into one should the need arise.

The one interesting things about psychometry is that the reading is difficult to trace since it is by proxy rather than a via a direct route.