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Steer and Create Reality
by Zeus

Reality is what you make of it.  It is something tangible, unaltered, and exclusively perceived by you.  Reality is your life, what happens in it, and what interactions happen with it.  Reality is your responsibility to control, steer, and create what you want in life.

Responsibility .. even worse .. personal responsibility!  This is not something that is commonly taught or engrained in society anymore.  The issue being that personal responsibility is so very important that it should be taught from the earliest of age.  The common thread currently held of me first, not my fault, pass the blame, and so on is blatantly wrong.  If it is your fault take the blame.  That is reality.

Steering.  We know how to steer a vehicle or a bicycle and life is steered in perceptually the same manner.  Obviously there are no handle bars or steering wheels to physically steer life, so instead we steer through the reactions and choices we make.  If our actions are non-confrontational in their nature as plainly laid out in the rules of society then we should see that reflection in interactions.  People always argue about the need for force and certainly in some situations calling out a drama is warranted; however it is rarely necessary to bring violence to the forefront.  Violence is an indication of low esteem, and personal responsibility.  Being able to make the best personal choice in a non-violent manner shows the corrected necessity of reality steering.  Make the choices that are correct above all.

Create.  Creation is really just a string of related, or unrelated choices coming together under the circumstances of reality to make something happen.  As important as creation reality is it is also extremely difficult to get the ball of creation rolling.  The good news is that once enough situations are in place there should be no issues with keeping the momentum going.  And that's the key.

Reality is perceptual responsibility created from choices and reactions in our daily lives.  Reality today is reality tomorrow too.