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The Psi Lifestyle
by Zeus

Every day we struggle to find other persons interested in our hobbies and life choices.  Not only do we have to find people interested in what we like, but also people that we like to interact with as acquaintances or friends.  Even beyond the finding of new people interested in our hobbies is finding ways for our existing family and friends to accept the choices we make within psi.  All of these combine to create our psychic lifestyle.

Finding other people interested in psi can be limited by your geographic location.  Usually you would seek out local groups that have some aspects that interest you such as pagan organizations, paranormal societies, or even reiki and holistic centres.  Outside of those groups looking up the information at local libraries or book stores can put you in contact with people of appropriate interest as well. Remember that in searching for local people you will likely encounter several groups that just won't fit your personal style and that's alright since is is always a means to an end.  Be sure to keep an open mind with each group and person you run across as they may provide you with the information you're looking for.

Each of us have a type of personality, character, or upbringing that we prefer and it is those people we enjoy being around.  If we enjoy the people we will ultimately learn more and progress faster.   In psi it is those people that we can be friends with that we're seeking out.  With a psi lifestyle we use the law of attraction to change the expectation of friends in our life.  By creating affirmative action thoughts you can bring the correct people into your life that will be great friends and help you move towards your goals.

Of course the aspects of attracting new friends means little if you can't bring your current friends and family in line with your psi lifestyle.  This can sometimes be the toughest aspect of a psi lifestyle.  When transitioning family and current friends into the new lifestyle begin slowly.  You may begin conversations about the paranormal and express an interest in current television shows or drop names of some communities you've been visiting.  It can take time, but people will come around.  Don't try to force people to understand what you like, but instead answer any questions they may have.  And in the end there may be people that you will just have to agree to disagree with when it comes to psi.  That is what happens when it  comes to family and there are easier ways to use your energy than changing their minds.

In the end the psi lifestyle is a change in your life that draws positive influences to you in order to help you achieve your goals.  Move slowly in creating the framework for your life and you'll find that everything you need will fall into place as it is necessary for you.