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Beyond Parlour Tricks
by Zeus

Some people believe that psi abilities are nothing more than parlour tricks that are meant for impressing friends. People that don't see the every day usefulness of psi in that it is first and foremost meant to better your self and in turn your life are missing the point.

As you learn about psi you learn about your self.  Mental blocks and unhealthy habits must be dealt with as you progress through psi.  Self-esteem issues and poor self image must be managed successfully in order to progress.  While it is true that some abilities may be achieved without all the legwork of personal responsibility those people that do so will never master their techniques.  You may wonder why that is and the reason is that psi is a mental system that begins with the person.  The more in control of your self you are the more you will be able to control your psi.

Psi extends beyond the normal party tricks too.  Your repertoire of techniques should include healing, empathy, telepathy, remote viewing, readings, projection and psychokinesis.  Aside from those obvious choices your research and understanding should include the so-called law of attraction, and steering and creating your reality.

Your life and reality are almost exclusively your creation.  From what morals and ethics you hold to what occurs in your life is driven by your energetic outputs, imbalances and mindset.  Every single day you live the psi lifestyle whether you take the time to understand it or not.  It is only those people that take the time out to learn it that are successful and achieve their goals.  That statement holds a lot of weight; you either learn to steer and create or you will hit a glass ceiling and stagnate in your reality.

Psi is not just about the abilities it enables you to steer yourself to the job you want or the relationship that you dream of.  The changes are not usually instantaneous, so don't be expecting miracles.  Instead expect that your long-term goal will be realized eventhough you will have to get all your ducks in a row as you steer the ship that is your life in a new direction that most benefits you.

Parlour tricks are for those that don't understand.  Psi if for those that deserve success.