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Home Purification
by Zeus

Magick is a wonderful asset to have when you don't wish to expend your personal energies over a long period of time.  A great instance of useful magick would be to purify and protect the energies of your home or workplace.  The most effective means of magick for everyday help, aside from sigils, would be a combination of verbal and crystal magick.  The combination gives the immediate effects of the verbal magick with the long-term balanced aspects of the crystal.

When choosing a crystal a clean, unbroken one is best to ensure proper flow of energies.  To keep the energies light and easy to work within select an amethyst geode, or crystal cluster.  If amethyst is not available then quartz may be substituted.  Place the crystal in a sunny location that will also be bathed in the full moon once per month.  This location is crucial as it will automatically cleanse and renew the crystal for you.  Once a suitable location is found place the crystal and sprinkle a few grains of sodium chloride (pure non-iodized salt) over the crystal.  Eight or ten grains is just fine to ground out the crystal and prepare it for the verbal aspect of the casting.

Place your non-dominant hand over the crystal, but do not touch it as you recite the verbal casting.  The following is in phonetic Canadian English and not spelled correctly.  Say once, "no are E saw yon vic see moan tie yee".

After saying the cast close your palm and then move your hand away from the crystal.  It will take a few hours for the energies to cycle and purify depending on the size of the crystal and the layout of your home.

Though this is a self charging cast you will want to redo it every six to eight months or if you add any new purifying crystals to your home.