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Peak to Peak
by Zeus

Empathy and telepathy have many different techniques and associations depending upon the path studied or borrowed from. Pure Energy Psi has an offshoot that explains empathy and telepathy quite different from the normal path and explanation. The Peak to Peak technique continues the idea that empathy is the receiving aspect of psi and telepathy is the receiving aspect of psi and telepathy is the mental sending of thoughts and emotions. The offshoot technique also follows the idea that the psi control centre is the base of and point of control of a person’s psi abilities.

The peak to peak technique begins with the concept that reception of other thoughts and emotions is done primarily through a horseshoe ringing the back crown of the head and transmission occurs in the front section or open-ended area of the horseshoe at the forehead. During the technique’s use the ringing area around the top of the head may tingle and/or become numb due to the increased energy concentrated in this area.

Leading back from the ring area at the top of the head the connections run back to the psi control centre (PCC) to two pink coloured peaks of flesh that are the actual controllers. The left-most peak is the empathic controller and receives the broadcast thoughts and emotions of others. At the base of this peak is usually visualized a speaker or set of headphones to hear what is picked up. When you visualize yourself in your PCC you may either turn the volume of the speaker up enough to hear it or put on the headphones. Due to the manner in which the subconscious recognizes emotions they will be interpreted effectively as thought you can hear. Should you be using empathic connection the information received will still come through the empathic peak. People that become overwhelmed, or tend to lose themselves in other people’s emotions should become familiar with the volume controls of the empathic peak. In times of extreme necessity there is also a silencing veil that may be pulled over the entire empathic peak to temporarily deaden all empathic abilities. This veil tends to automatically roll back off the peak over a twelve hour period.

To the left of the gelatinous organ-coloured empathic peak is the usually larger telepathic peak. The telepathic peak either broadcasts thoughts and emotions from the top front of the head or via a connection should one be in place. Visualized at the base of the telepathic peak is a microphone. Thoughts that you wish to transmit are spoken or even through via the microphone. Due to how the subconscious reacts to emotions and thought patterns as long as they are directed at the microphone they will be transmitted correctly. Similar to the empathic peak the telepathic peak has a volume control to increase or decrease the transmitted signal. The transmission or telepathic peak also has an on/off control switch, which the empathic peak does not have. Always be sure to check the switch position before attempting telepathy with this technique.

There does seem to be some limit as to the amount of broadcast information that can be intentionally sent. As the front sending area of the head becomes numb from energy is less and less able to send out strong, clear messages. Practice will increase the duration of telepathic sessions but even still ample time should be allowed to rest the transmission surfaces. When first starting it may be wise to try a five minutes on and then five minutes off routine so as not to burn yourself out. If burn out does occur the transmission area will give no response when prompted. This burn out is a safety mechanism and you will return to normal after your body deems a necessary cool down period, which can be as much as two days. When working via direct connections there is still a limit placed by the transmission and reception halo, because the information is still passed via the transmission section at the front of the head before travelling along the connection.

Empathy doesn’t have the inherent limits of the transmission of thoughts; however the reception of loud or overly emotional energies can drown out or even overwhelm the self. The volume controls of the reception peak are an extremely important aspect of empathy and empathic control. To go with the volume controls are focus and filtering controls that allow you to tune in to a specific energy as if tuning into a radio station. The tuning controls allow you to listen to only one individual or a specific group without being burdened with all of the constantly blaring information received at all times.

Attempting to use the peak to peak technique begins simply by entering the PCC and identifying the transmission organ-like peak on the left and the smaller reception flesh coloured peak on the right. Once identified turn the reception volume up for broadcast empathy or the microphone volume up for broadcast telepathy. Beginning with the basics (grounding, centring, intaking) and performing a mind quieting exercise does tend to help clarity of reception and transmission. Be sure to run through the basics again after using the technique as telepathy can use a lot of energy and you’ll want to avoid energy debt.

As with any psi the peaks may appear different within you, but will function roughly the same way. Don’t be discouraged if what you’re seeing doesn’t perfectly match what is laid out here, simply identify the unique differences within yourself and do the technique anyways.