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Base Energies
by Zeus

Modern psi tends to lean heavily on techniques and abilities without ever touching on the underlying requirements and details. Personal responsibilities and balance of self and energy are rarely touched upon in their extreme importance for proper psi development. Even beyond the mentioned necessities the interconnectedness of your energy with everything else is mostly information relegated to the bottom of journals and libraries. Where your energy draws from and its preferred connections are an extremely important aspect of knowing your self, proper psi development, and achieving success in your journey.

Knowing your self begins with understanding your emotional reactions to situations life may bring your way and culminates in seeing the base aspects of your own energy. The base of energy can become hugely complicated in its intricacies, but generally speaking most paths will start somewhere close to the sun and the moon. The sun equates to light, brightness, daytime, and the hotter months of the year (seasons). People that find themselves drawn to any sun aspects usually will realize they are light at their base. Sun people find their energy heightened during the day and are most likely to find their best intaking connections to areas of fire and air. Sun people do not ground well into the water or wet earth. Instead they should be sure to ground into dry earth, or fire earth such as lava dense areas. People with sun bases will also find themselves having high energy issues during water activities unless other connects negate the grounding and crossing effects.

People that associate with the moon as their base tend towards darkness, night and cooler temperatures and seasons. Grounding and centring is markedly easier for moon energies since grounding to any earth, even of fire base is extremely effective. A moon base often finds they are grounded in only seconds as opposed to significantly longer stretches needed by sun people. People of moon base find solace in water and tranquility which greatly opposes the sun’s hectic lifestyle. Being of moon or sun base does not denote a person being inherently good or evil. Those are identified by a much more complex intersection of core energies. What is significant about sun or moon energy is that you have a greater affinity towards certain abilities.

After figuring out whether you are a sun or moon base you can then move on to the traditional element energies. The four elements are water, fire, earth, and air. It is most common for a moon energy to be a water or earth and a sun to be air or fire; however you may certainly be a different mix depending on your lineage and events surrounding your birth. Each element connection has a strong affinity for their natural element.

Following the two base energies is a second element layer that may or may not follow the sun/moon base. To give an example I am a sun base with fire and earth. Once you’ve established your base energies you can then begin to make the mental connections as to why you enjoy certain things and are drawn to the different aspects that you are.

Be ready to delve further into your energies to correctly identify aspects of your self. For instance, I am a fire earth, but more specifically I am a fire sand. Since the third base can be subset it is much easier to identify yourself. The sun sign gives me affinity for fire and air. The second base is an obvious fire. And the third base, being sand, gives me the love of earth. But I prefer beach sand to desert send, which wins me a fourth base connection to water through sand. The filtering concept of the sand means I prefer only clean, clear waters and enjoy controlling waters via the strength of earth.

With me as an example you can see how just three identified base energies can lead to realizations regarding your deeper self. Identify your three bases and see how all your life interconnects and hinges on them.