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Pain Reduction
by Svenove

Short technique description:

To prepare your body to feel less pain than you normally would. The goal is to feel less pain or no pain at all in a situation where you should feel pain. We will first attempt to feel pain without any help from our energy. We then attempt to feel less pain on the next try with the help of energy.

The purpose of the technique:

An easily measured  technique to boost your self confidence and beliefs in energy. It could also be useful in many situations because pain is more or less a part of life.


To have the biggest possible chance to do well and to not get in energy debt you should ( but not absolutely necessary) do the following before the technique. Ground, neutralize, center, intake. After you are done with the technique and are not going to do any more techniques, then you should intake more and finally ground. For information about those techniques, I recommend you reading under E-books the first three articles in "psi classes" and in "psi vigour" read "grounding, centring, intaking and filters".

The techniques performance:

If you can’t feel pain at all, this isn’t the technique for you and you should practice something else. For those of you that can feel pain (most can) continue to read J

To boost your self confidence you need to see a change when you use energy and when you aren’t. The first thing we need to do is see how much pain you feel for a certain act. What you chose to do to inflict pain on you doesn’t matter. It can be a partner doing something to you (squeezing with a pressure that hurts) or you stamping barefoot on some small stones. If it is a partner, be sure that the partner applies exactly the same pressure before you are performing the technique and when you are doing the energy technique. If you inflict pain by yourself it is of course equally important but easier for you to check that you are doing the same pain pressure.

So, the first thing you need to do is chose something that gives you pain and notice how much pain you feel. It shouldn’t be too much pain because that can hurt you and with too much pain you will have trouble staying balanced. Remember that the goal is only to feel a little difference. Notice the pain level and we are ready to do the actual technique.

Let’s talk about three different methods to handle the pain.

The first one is to just endure the pain. You still feel the pain as much as before but you’re a tough man (or woman) and can handle the pain. You are not afraid of it. This could be useful if you get surprised with pain suddenly and want to have control. It is not much of a psi –technique though and you still feel the pain although you accept it. It is more training of your willpower.

The second method is to detach from your body like you are not really there. This can happen when you fall into a coma from an accident and you have an out of body experience and look at your own body from another place. Then you would feel no pain at all. Another way to detach would be to project away from the body or trying to have the same feeling that you are leaving your body and don’t feel what is happening to it. This could be useful in cases of extreme pain but it would perhaps not be so easily done and the negative effect of it is that you don’t feel anything that is happening to your body. It is usually good to feel things. The feelings are there to help you and tell you something. If you detach from all of that, you are removing a sense that is good to have. Could there be an even easier way to reduce pain and still feel other things ? let’s check the third method.

Why do we feel pain and when do we feel it ? We will not go into advanced details here, but if you stamp your foot on some small stones, do you feel the pain exactly when the foot touches the stones ? No, first the sensors on the foot has to send a signal up to the brain to get interpret and then you will feel it. We could tell the brain that we don’t want to feel the pain that is coming similar to the technique before this one. Then the signals would be sent to the brain and there they would die. Instead of doing that, we will stop the signals on the foot so they won’t be sent to the brain in the first place.

What we actually do is this. Send a lot of energy to the area where the pain will be inflicted. Tell the energy to stop the pain signals from being sent. Keep that thought and know it will work.

That is all you have to do. A successful result is when you feel less pain the second attempt of inflicting pain and you use energy to help feel less. Remember that it doesn’t need to be a big difference, just a difference.

Good luck and enjoy the pain


Comments and addons:

Remember to be careful because you can still get hurt even if you don’t feel the pain so much. Try different kind of pains and see if you can reduce all of them.