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Guided Energy System In-Take
by Kytvezte

Before I start with this article, I like to point out that my understanding of the Chakra system is limited to knowing they are considered our energy centers that connects our body to our energy body. Even then, I may be wrong on that, and, as a whole collective, could be wrong. However, I based this technique around the 12 Chakra system in hope to find the best way to spread energy through my system. Through this, understanding one’s energy body. At least, the ones we know exist, recorded, and studied on I also use the Nadis channels, but I will admit ignorance other than that they connect to the main chakra systems. This Technique is also unfinished on the grounds that I am experimenting with extensions that I have no confidence in releasing. (No experience to ground concepts or proper technique structure) So, as far as this article is concerned, the chakra system is used as a point of reference. There is no goal to unlock chakras or achieve enlightenment, nor is there a full explained mechanics behind the model. It is how I felt is the best structure. I apologize to any butchery of any Eastern Medicine practices. I’m looking to adapt what has been found and understood. I am no traditionalist.

Things people should know first:

How to Ground and Center. How to make basic constructs. To know when it is time to stop when enough warning signs come up.

Technique’s name: Power up! Version 2.1

Dull man’s name: G.E.S.I or Guided Energy System In-take


Filling your entire energetic system with Ready-To-Use energy.

*Do note that isn’t the only thing this can be done with, just this is the only intended use for this technique at the moment*


One must understand their limits and what energies are good to introduce and what are not. I do not have these answers because, honestly, I am not highly extensive in my energy work. I stay within ambient and internal. As well, knowing one’s limit is merely a work of self-awareness and only a job you, the reader, to do to know. As well, filter all energy that is foreign.

First things First:

Learning to change vibration of Ambient energy. This technique involves heavy use of ambient. Ambient is a very flexible energy type as it is a kind of chameleon. Only issue, its a very dirty energy type. Too much influences, thus the purification requirement. Now, you can use other energies, but that is at your own discretion.

Now, for creating a proper energy converter and cleanser, you’ll want to create a thin layer of energy into your field to work as a filter. This filter will simply take your energetic signature and start vibrating ambient energy gathered into the signature for your body to use. It allows compatibility. For purifying, you'll want to use whatever you think cleans. I use the color blue as I use blue for any purification work. So, if you need to, imagine a field that changes ambient, the surrounding energy of all things, into blue energy that is yours. This is handy for any other ambient work. Just need to change the energy signature for whatever purpose. Do note that the body naturally converts and clean energy, so you aren’t naked to every impurities around you, however, we aren’t perfect machines so its better safe than sorry.


If you are having problems telling different energy sigs, do a little practice where you visualize energy coming from yourself in one hand then energy coming from the air outside of your house into your other hand. Feel the difference. After that, you can start picking up that signature and simply recreate it in energy, if need be.

The Field: This is where we will start in our energy in-take. The field, in my opinion, is the lungs of our energetic system. Recycling energy for our body to use and dumping the rest as processed energy\information for that to be taken in and converted by another. The field is like an onion in that it has multiple layers each working together as a whole. As far as my research is concerned, there is the Egg layer, 12 layers and then the core which are the Physical, Astral, and Spiritual bodies. While you don’t need to know the layers specifically for this technique as the field is a composite and if you insert energy anywhere, it’ll spread through out regardless. There are two ways of going about this…

Option A:

This is from Edge to Center. You’ll want to put the Energy Filter at the very edge of the field. This will be between the Egg Layer and 12th layer. Don’t worry too much on precision, as long as it is at the edge where the outer flow meets with internal flow. At this point, let the energy flow through each field. If you need guidance, just count back from 13 to 0 as you imagine the flow hitting each layer from Egg\filter to your bodies (Center). Just feel the energy surround and fill around you and within.


Option B:

This may actually be a different process than above, however I feel it does the job just the same. I call it Energy stacking. What you’ll do is have the filter between the Egg layer and 12th layer. However, instead of working from 12 to 0, you’ll want to have a thick layer of energy move through the filter and padding up against your core until you reach the egg layer. Essentially stacking energy onto yourself. Keep doing this until you feel a lot of energy around you. Do what you feel is more comfortable and best for you, they may or may not have the same effects, but the intake is still true. Do what you feel is appropriate. As well, you can just stop here. The ambient in the field would be enough for general purpose work, however, this technique goes further into the process.

The Energy Route of the Chakra System:

After your field is completely filled with energy, you’ll want to irrigate the energy through your system by a guided point by point system based on the 12-Chakra system. Let the flow be as natural as possible. The following Steps:

12 and 11:

These are not typical chakras as they aren’t one energy center as oppose to one through ten. They encompass the body along with the Field. 12th chakra is more of a series of other sub-channels that link into your system and the eleventh surrounds the body concentrating at the hands and feet. Energy seems to naturally go through these channels and chakras when energy moves the field, so doing the exercise above will accomplish this regardless. Just give some intention for the energy to flow through the sub-channels and hand and feet centers then around you.

10, 9, and 8:

From the excess, do continuing pulling from around if you need more, flow the energy to your 10th and 9th energy centers. Nine is foot and half above the head, and 10th is foot and half below your feet. At this point, you should flow the energy in a double helix down to 8 which is slightly above the head. The reason for this is that the Nadis energy channel seems to flow in a double helix and straight down the spine (from 8 to 1). However, in this technique, it connects from 10 to 1 then through 9 looping around the body. There isn’t a true reason for this than that if there is a channel, you can better distribute energy better. However it is a fine way to continuously flow energy through the system from field to centers.

7 and 1:

From 8 and 10, you’ll want to move the energy through a double helix motion as mentioned above to the first and seventh energy center. The first center is located at the groin and Seventh center at the top of the head. Let energy flow into those point.

6 and 2:

Energy Center six is between the eyes and Energy Center Two is under the navel. Flow the energy from Seven to Six while you flow the energy from 1 to two. Let it pool for a few seconds before moving on.

5 and 3:

Energy Center Five is located at the solar plexus and Energy Center Three is located at the throat. Flow the energy from Six and Two to Five and Three. Let it pool for a few seconds before moving on.


Energy Center Four is located at the center of the chest. Let the energy flow and connect at this center. Pool for a few seconds before letting the energy circulate naturally through your system.

This technique may take no longer than 30 minutes, shorter if you have previous knowledge of your system. Don’t worry too much if it takes over 30 minutes. After finishing, you can either stop here or, at your discretion, flow it through your physical body or body’s energy channels, or what have you. Experiment, learn, succeed. Remember not to stop here. Read, learn, do, and grow.