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Dream Interpretation by Example 3
by Zeus


Dreams are specific to the individual dreamer based on what occurs and who appears in them. Newer studies are suggesting that we are only able to interpret dreams because there seems to be only a set number of different dream outlines. In characterizing and categorizing the outlines of each dream we are then able to ensure that dream interpretations are relatively close to the intended meaning of the dreamscape no matter who the dreamer is. As previously stated in this dream course experience is the real key to unlocking the meaning of dreams and the following dreams, from several different dreamers, will help you to gain the experience in interpreting dreams.

Please note that following text in italics is conveyed as the dream, or dreamer’s statements.

Example Dream and Interpretation #1

I was playing with my children in a park and on a newly built playground. There was bark mulch under the playground to cushion any falls. The structure of the playground was mostly green plastics and steel. Though the sky never turned cloudy, nor did it overcast I was suddenly aware that a tornado had hit a part of my dreamscape.

The dreamer is giving themselves permission to tap into their inner potential and creating the freedom to test out new public characteristics of their self. The dreamer is striving to achieve harmony and balance in an enduring persona in order to unlock the potential. In this case the tornado represents cleansing and rebuilding that is necessary for the creative power of the new self.

My older son was with me and I knew the rest of my family was safe, so we went about helping others. In reporting what had happened a panic ensued and one child ran directly into a swimming pool. The thought was that the children that appeared were going from school to their buses; however I am not sure why they would go through an area with a swimming pool. At any rate this boy who had his backpack on and everything sunk in the pool. The lifeguard didn’t seem to know what to do and so I jumped into the water and rescued the child. My older son and I then took the rescued boy to his bus stop, but the bus was pulling away. The bus stop seemed more like a greenhouse full of hanging baskets of flowers and the buses were more like open sided trains. In seeing that several people still needed to load children on the bus we were able to get the bus drivers attention and get the kids safely off to their intended destination.

New public relationships are being formed by the dreamer and they are handling the new emotional situations well. For the greater good the dreamer is attempting to keep a constant public image while at the same time reinventing themselves inside their available cycle in life. It is a start of a new journey for the dreamer and one that focuses more on the common aim of others while still being for the greater good. The dreamer realizes that their outside reality is already making this change happen.

From there I was at a large house that had electrical lines down and was in danger of catching on fire. The crews were certain that no one was in the building, but I felt that a teenage girl was trapped in her room on the second floor. I relayed the specific location to the rescue team and sure enough they found the girl who was unharmed.

While this seems to convey much more overall it simply boils down to a new approach to intuition and the emotional attachments to/from others for the dreamer.

From that location I walked down a street and saw an old friend’s childhood home. It is a very large Victorian manor with four floors. The house had been hit directly by the storm though the exterior of the house looked fine the interior was in shambles. There were people in the basement as I entered the front door since the entire middle of the house (inside) had collapsed. Knowing that a fictitious person who I rationalized as my friend’s younger step-brother was in the house at the time of the storm I set about to find him. After moving through the house I was fairly certain he was close to me even though I couldn’t see him and I called out his name. He answered and had been smart enough to hide under a heap of lawn lounger cushions. He was unharmed.

This section of the dream showcases the dreamer’s base self, or their core beliefs. They are using new experiences to create inner drive that is rebuilding and answering questions that the dreamer has about where their core values are. In transition there is no boundary between the different levels of consciousness and the dreamer understands their sense of self support and is getting to know who they are at the core.

After glossing over helping find some other people I returned to the park with my family and was happy to see that the storm hadn’t touched the playground and that we could go back to playing tag as we were doing when the storm hit.

The return to safety and freedom is the reward for the difficult task of getting to know the true self.

Tying it all together this dream showcases that the dreamer is in a large transition personally, but does not want that transition to publicly change their character since it wouldn’t be in the best interest of everyone. With rebuilding the emotional self, external relationships and searching for their core self the dreamer is looking to understand their entire self in order that they are able to live to their potential.

Example Dream and Interpretation #2

In this instance the male dreamer provides not only a dream, but also their interpretation of it as learned through the steps in this dream course. I have added additional interpretative information for comparison.

I went to running training. We had to run a distance eight times as hard as we could. There was a computer keeping track of the time and it told us each time we had to start running (in real life there is no computer doing this). While in between stints some of my classmates (from university) whom I consider nice, friendly and fairly intelligent come in the indoors athletics complex I was in. They were probably there to do some fitness training (like some of my classmates really do). As I see them I think to myself that fitness doesn't have the same effect as a real sport like I am doing and that it would be better for them if they did a sport like I did in the dream or something similar in intensity. They recognize me and we exchange appropriate greeting gestures. The computer then tells me I have to get running my next stint, so they go to on to fitness class seeing as I am busy with running training. After running training I leave right away for home because I have a cold (I also had a cold in real life when having this dream) so sitting still isn't good, it’s better to go straight home.

In the parking lot I see the engine (seemingly intact) of a car that had caught fire and was now lying on the ground. My first thought was it may have been because of the cold winter, apparently this was something that occurred after cold winters (like this winter in real life was, but in real life it is the water pipes that break). There was a car that was a total loss with lots of gasoline under it. There must have been a big collision. There were still two unconscious people inside the car, but I knew the car could catch fire any moment and with all the gasoline under the car it was a very dangerous situation, so I am hesitant to go help because of the danger. My mom was suddenly in the parking lot as well and she went near the car, so I go help as well then with the idea that if I go help she and other people can stay away from the car. My feelings of it being dangerous disappear and I feel I should help regardless of anything else. Inside the car I notice the driver of the car was waking up. She wanted to start the car (I think this car still had an engine and the engine on the ground was from another car involved in the accident), so I immediately take the keys out of the ignition figuring it may cause a spark that will ignite all the gasoline under the car and what's left in it (the woman in the driver's seat wasn't fully awake yet and was very disoriented so she wasn't aware of the danger of starting the car). I help her out of the car after having checked if she can move and if it is okay to move her. Next I go to the man in the passenger seat who was also awake but was stuck under his seatbelt and it looked like there was fire at the passenger side of the car and smoke was getting in the car. I loosen the upper part of the seatbelt for him so he can get out of that (with the idea to then be able to loosen up the lower part) but the lower part doesn't loosen easily so I will have to help him by dragging him out from under the lower part of the seatbelt.

Dreamer’s Theme and Blocking for Example Dream #2

Main theme: It starts with running training and after running training there is the whole car crash situation

  1. Running training
  2. Classmates show up
  3. On the parking lot I see something happened and that it was a car crash
  4. I am hesitant to help because of the danger
  5. When my mom goes near the car I go help

Dreamer’s Interpretation for Example Dream #2

  1. Running usually means the progress you make in life, normally it means fast progress. I would interpret this part of the dream as me moving or having moved ahead relatively quickly along my life path. The computer I don't know how to interpret, maybe this means my mind working through my life in steps, considering the timed starting points. But another interpretation of computer according to the dream dictionary is the ability to do things or figure things out. So this could also mean that I have been figuring out my life path relatively quickly when I had that dream.
  2. I made my classmates a separate point because of the relationship between me and them. Its hard to describe what they represent, these classmates who walked in could be considered as mature, not prejudiced, they're okay with other people living life different from how they do, above average intelligence and with very active social life (I think a bit more than they'd like sometimes). There are people who actually listen to some of my ideas (not psi ones or complex ideas, just relatively simple ideas like political and philosophical stuff), but they also party a lot including alcohol. Recently one of them got into a fight and like with almost all people I can't at all talk with them on a personal level. The other aspect in the dream is I would rather see them do a real sport instead of fitness which is what people do to look good and get muscle strength instead of making all aspects of their body stronger. I'll interpret this part as me feeling I should push myself harder, but not managing to be tougher on myself and go all the way in training myself in what I want to (psi). But at the same time my mind (the computer) does keep me in check and tells me to keep moving along (run my next stint).
  3. This part of the dream might mean that things are not going my way. I can't go back to my own life (going home) because I am out of control of how I am moving forward and learning life lessons (cars have crashed). My ability to move forward in life is still intact with me and inside me (engine intact on the ground). Considering I had a cold when I had this dream (and the cold was mentioned in the dream right before this part) I think this part is about how I felt that cold had messed up the work I had been doing the weeks before the cold. I was doing well with the dream journal, centering twice daily, sleep pattern moving how I wanted it and also in school I was ahead of the material and as I got that cold I saw parts of it go backwards.
  4. The danger, risky situation and hesitation all seem to indicate that I had worries or a fear of something. It could be two things. When I had this dream I was either afraid of not achieving the things I want to achieve quickly enough or it is about fears I have are about my role in my future life. Maybe the both combined; the fear is the result of me not moving along quickly enough to live up to my role in my future life, like a fear of failing.
  5. This last part I think is shaking off my fears/doubts I have in the light off my duty. My spiritual side/inner self (mother) shows me the way to take up my duty and everything else becomes irrelevant to it.

Dreamer’s Conclusion for Example Dream #2

This dream seems to be about the thoughts I had about the progress I had been making, moments where it is interrupted or just this cold in particular causing worries and feelings of fear. Lastly that everything will work out and I will do what I have to and that's the way it will be.
I'm not completely sure about my interpretation of certain parts of this dream, I used the dream dictionary to decipher them and different interpretations seem possible.

Author’s Interpretation for Example Dream #2

Main Theme: Taking control of the life path in order to move away from naivety.

The dreamer begins by showcasing anxiety over their abilities and confidence in general. They wish to break free of their current situation and redefine or recreate the situation in a more harmonious way. Connections with other people are directing the dreamer and they feel a loss of control leading to inadequacy and sense of helplessness, which is why they seek the security of home. Knowing that the dreamer wants to be in charge of their own life they understand they have the motivation and drive as well as the desire to overcome their fears and liberate their current life patterns from the innocent side or naïve self. The dreamer gives permission to their conscious self to work through the stress and dangers associated with changes their attitude knowing that things will feel good and work out right in the end.

Conclusion: The dreamer wishes to understand themselves directly so that interactions with others are not the leading factor in self development.

Example Dream and Interpretation #3

In this instance the male dreamer provides not only a dream, but also their interpretation of it as learned through the steps in this dream course. I have added additional interpretative information for comparison.

There was a class at school. In this class we got exercises we needed to solve and I was good at it. We get more exercises to prepare by next class but I don't look at them as they are philosophical questions. I do look at one of them later after me and some others have either left the class or were sent out for not paying attention (we weren't in the class anymore because we felt there was no use being in the class). The group I'm with puts their hands on top of eachother and I go over their hands they're holding on top of each other, asking them for energy. The next day/night I wake up (in my bedroom of the house I grew up in) and the sun is shining as if it were noon, my clock says the time is 00:42 [just before 1am] at night. Some clocks were hours behind, but apparently these clocks weren't wrong, it was really in the middle of the night with the sun shining. When downstairs (in the house I grew up in and my mom still lives in now) in the kitchen I showed my mom the ritual I had performed (with the hands on top of eachother) and told her that I had asked for light (not saying, but implying that the sun shining in the middle of the night was the result, while doing the ritual itself I didn't have a real intent or didn't remember it).

Dreamer’s Theme and Blocking for Example Dream #3

The main theme in this dream I think is being bored/not being challenged in class and doing something else with relatively more exciting results.

  1. Being in class, pretty bored and then getting out
  2. Ritual after having left class
  3. Waking up with sun shining in the middle of the night
  4. Telling my mom about the ritual and sun at night

Dreamer’s Interpretation for Example Dream #3

  1. I think this is about actual school, not just school on its own but also everything around it. I am usually ahead of the rest of my class, but don't think the dream is about this. I think it is about how I sometimes feel this part of my life isn't really important. Not only school in itself but the whole being part of society and how I can sometimes view those things as not really adding much to things I'll need in the future or to my life in the future (this is a feeling I've had for more than half of my life).
  2. The ritual and the hands in it may refer to a desire to break free from the normal life that sometimes doesn't feel like it’s going to add anything worthwhile to my future and to fully pursue my real interests and goals with all my energy (something that I would do if given the opportunity).
  3. The sun shining at the middle of the night I don't know how to interpret. So I used the dream dictionary on the website and came up with these two interpretations:
    1. the sun in the night represents I have hope or good things are happening or going to happen, referring to progress with my psi interests.
    2. the sun represents new understanding on the way about the things I hide from people or do in secret, this means I am learning to understand or will understand new things concerning psi (which is a part of life I have to hide and keep secret from everyone in real life).
  4. This is probably a desire to come out with my ideas and be listened to by people around me who are much further ahead of me. It could also show I have a more childish need for attention or to be considered special.

Dreamer’s Conclusion for Example Dream #3

This is how I would interpret this dream, but of the 3rd point I'm really not sure how symbolic sun and night are.
The feeling that half my life (the regular life, being a student, social stuff etc) has no real meaning to me and doesn't add to me is something I've had most of my life and only for about the last six months I've found some drive to actually do something with this aspect of life even without having motivation for it. I sometimes have to tell myself that motivation is irrelevant and that it is my decision what I do, not my motivation or emotion’s decision. The idea of fully dedicating my life to psi is also something I have been wanting to do for many years because I feel it is closer to who I am and what I want from life (money, status and all that don't interest me, I just want to be able to work with energy and have amazing understanding and the strength to work through things with it). I do realize that I am in charge of where my life goes and that there is no gain in getting stuck in emotions that aren't helping with anything so maybe that's the hope and good ahead or the understanding of my real interests that is growing/will grow, me making my reality leading to a more rewarding direction.

Author’s Interpretation for Example Dream #3

Main Theme: Transitioning the personality and self from old to new paradigms.

To begin the dreamer showcases associations with understanding a new personality or a change in their own personality. The dreamer is indeed bored of their previous paradigm and is leaning towards learning in different ways and from a new group they’ve recently discovered. The dreamer is well aware of a great enlightenment, new energy and a transition or rebirth in their own life energies. In having new wisdom the dreamer shows proof of concept in their associative changes.

Conclusion: The dreamer has recently been motivated to look at their life and recreate their understanding in how they and everything around them are connected.

Example Dream and Interpretation #4

In this instance the male dreamer provides not only a dream, but also their interpretation of it as learned through the steps in this dream course. I have added additional interpretative information for comparison.

I am in a prison, but I don't belong there so I have to get out. I manage to escape as the prison guard goes into the shower. When he does I run past a little hallway he usually guards. Along with me two others also escape, I don't really know them and we part ways right away. After that I have to be careful and alert not to be found, which seems to work fine. It seems very easy to stay away from the police and their radar. The only real problem I can have is when they can track the trail of my bicycle, but that is only possible if they shoot a bullet in the tires, the bullet would than leave a trail by which they could track me. If they were to manage that I would have to go repair my bicycle quickly. As I am driving around on my bicycle some agents shoot at me trying to hit my tires but they can't hit my tires. I easily drive away from them, leaving them behind and unable to track me.

Dreamer’s Theme and Blocking for Example Dream #4

Main theme: Parts of my life threaten my life path, fixing that and getting rid of them if necessary, continuing on a good life path.

  1. Prison escape
  2. Hiding and staying away from police
  3. How I can be tracked
  4. Repair bicycle
  5. Getting away

Dreamer’s Interpretation for Example Dream #4

  1. I feel like I don't have enough freedom and that I should have more.
  2. I (have to) keep myself in check not to let certain things in life take me from my life path
  3. There is awareness of what keeps me from my life path and that I should protect myself from that
  4. I desire or need a new approach or way of living my life or need to fix balance in my life
  5. I am managing or will manage in the future to that

Dreamer’s Conclusion for Example Dream #4

The dream as I interpreted it is about getting rid of all the things keeping me back or down and achieving freedom to live my own life as its supposed to be. I think the dream says I am aware of how to do that (that's funny since almost everyone would probably disagree with my ideal vision of pursuing my life). At the end the dream suggests that it will happen or I'm already moving towards that.

Author’s Interpretation for Example Dream #4

Main Theme: Dealing with repressed emotions.

The dreamer is attempting to move beyond feelings of guilt that they created and feel are trappings them, or holding them back. Their inner self is at a stage in life that requires stability to see their vision come to fruition. As a means of finding stability the dreamer is attempting to stay out of emotional situations that they don’t feel they’ll be able to handle. The wilder aspects of the self are also being curtailed and contained within the confines of societal norms. In the end the changes suggested in dealing with repressed guilt all the dreamer to handle their feeling and sense of self within the tight confines of societal rules.

Conclusion: The dreamer is correctly dealing with their feelings of guilt which are currently holding them back from the greater sense of freedom and happiness that they seek.

Example Dream and Interpretation #5

In this instance the male dreamer provides not only a dream, but also their interpretation of it as learned through the steps in this dream course. I have added additional interpretative information for comparison.

I am doing the dishes (in what seems to be the kitchen of the house I grew up in). The tiles of the floor in front of the sink where I am doing the dishes are a bit loose; some of them even collapse about 25cm down leaving a hole in the ground. I find that very annoying as I have to stand there doing the dishes. After the dishes I wash my hands and throw the towel I dried my hands with away making it partially land on a big plant. My dad is there and asks a question about it as if it was intentional the towel ended up on the plant, I find it an irrelevant question and don't answer.

I had asked to let my cat inside so he could watch along with me and my sister (we were going to watch a documentary on TV), but my dad had let him outside. I told him he should listen and that I ask things with a purpose. Later I let my cat inside as it starts raining, because it was raining really hard (it was dark as well outside, it seemed to be almost nighttime). I also see another cat (not mine) and also let this one inside because of the hard rain. Because I am not sure how this other cat behaves and if I can trust it to be clean inside the house I put it in the shower room (next to the kitchen). The cat also had water there in case it was thirsty. The cat seemed to like cold water (I was filling up the shower itself with a bit of water so this cat could drink from it) so I spray the water on the cat and she tries to get the water to spray on her face. She enjoys the cold water on her face. The reason the cat liked getting cold water on herself was because apparently she was a reptile with a hard skin and reptiles need water to cool themselves down. The next day she's still in the shower room (it wasn't raining anymore and the weather was sunny now). I try to get her outside but it’s not working so I just leave the shower room window open (I wanted to avoid the cat coming into my house regularly in the future and do who knows what inside my house, also it was a pretty weird cat being also like a reptile). After a while I am outside in the garden and I see the cat standing outside the shower room window, but with her tail still inside the window (I notice that, but don't find it odd in itself, maybe I considered it part of what the cat was like and how it evolves to going outside through the window). I make a noise and she jumps a little further away so her tail isn't in the window anymore. There is also another cat showing up now, a black one with some white, who my cat knows (this cat exists in real life and my cat is sort of friends with this cat).

Up to here the entire setting was like the house I grew up in and now the dream changes a bit.

Me and a few others are doing research in an area. I am standing in a sort of garden (like a natural reserve) and from where I stand I have a view over a big area of it (I am standing in what seems to be the same spot as I was standing where the above dream with the cats ended, but my garden has changed a lot and it’s more like a natural reserve now). Animals are running around freely and I see a rhino climbing in a tree. We have to analyze some data and to do that we have a laptop (sort of) and also a disk (like the old 3.5" disks) which we have to insert somewhere under the sink (same sink in the house I grew up in where I was doing the dishes). After inserting the disk and letting the data be analyzed I almost forget to take out the disk, but someone reminds me of it. I thank her and go get the disk.

Dreamer’s Theme and Blocking for Example Dream #5

Main theme: Working through and learning new things

  1. Dishes, tiles under me loose, wash hands, towel and big plant: My beliefs and foundations have changed and I am working through that and trying to take up new responsibilities.
  2. Wanting to watch documentary with sister (and cat), hard rain, letting cats inside to shelter: I am adapting and still need to adapt more to new ideas which are complex and of spiritual nature that bring along a change to how I view the world. I do this without letting others know.
  3. Cat in shower, cat likes cold water, cat is reptile: I am accepting towards the changes and able to adapt quite quickly to new things and their implications eventhough they are proving to be harder on me than I am showing outwardly.
  4. Sunny day, get the cat outside, open window, cat her tail in the window, make a noise to get it to move a bit more out so the tail isn't in the window anymore, other black/white cat shows up: I think the dream is saying that new things I am coming to understand are making me look at the world around me more whereas I've been very much focused on what's been going on inside me. I am now also looking at what's around me and trying to form a new picture of the world and me in it. As I am learning new things this also brings along emotions, some of which are not easy and I also have to work through those.
  5. Research the big area that my garden suddenly changed into, animals are running free in it and a rhino climbs a tree: I have curiosity and desire to understand new things I've learned and that were presented into my life. It can seem like a lot (and at the moment go over my head as the dream earlier seemed to say), but I seem to be determined and strong and am making progress.
  6. Analyze data with laptop and disk, forgetting the disk, being reminded of it and being thankful for that: I have to include newly learned things into a new picture my mind is forming. New things I learn are very important to me and I am grateful for it.

Dreamer’s Conclusion for Example Dream #5

I think I spent almost three hours on this one. This interpretation makes sense to me, but there might be less optimistic interpretations to it as well. It was very hard for me to interpret this.
Because it was hard for me to get an idea of what this dream was about I decided to interpret it part by part and only then search for the main theme.

Author’s Interpretation for Example Dream #5

Author’s Note: The dreamer moves in and out of lucidity several times over the course of the dream.

Main Theme: Recreating the self to include previously neglected aspects of base emotions.

Beginning in the security represented by the home the dreamer move towards understanding the self through getting in touch with unconscious feelings. The dreamer is looking to create a relationship with their emotional self and at the same time to reject any feelings of guilt they may have. Relying on themselves the dreamer uses self sufficiency to become the authority figure. In taking the authority over their own sense of self the dreamer then takes the next step to get in touch with the lower aspects of their personality including any base feelings. In understanding that emotions are important aspects of the self the dreamer begins to cultivate a new sense of being and appreciate who they are. The dreamer is discovering wisdom in unlikely places and in digging into understanding who they truly are is unlocking a great deal of knowledge and spiritual power.

Conclusion: The dreamer realizes that the emotional self and its understanding and control are key aspects to truly understanding the self and achieving goals.

Example Dream and Interpretation #6

To make interpretation of the following dream easier I have blocked it into interpretive sections, which may not seem to flow together but which give the most fluid action and outcome of the dream.

My girlfriend and I were in a car and I was driving. We were taking my son to a daycare that I didn’t recognize (that didn’t seem to bother me though). My son wanted to stay with us for a while, but I thought it better that he stay longer, perhaps for the whole night, which is longer than he would normally stay. After that my son tried to run away – unsuccessfully.

Though the dreamer feels in control of their own life they wish for more freedom and less responsibility. At the same time the dreamer is dealing with the guilt of not being fair with their time and not living up to expectations.

The dream changed to me being with two girls, one of whom I fancied, and suddenly I realized I needed to pee. There was no toilet in the room and I had already begun to pee a little so I cleaned it up quickly and searched for where the toilet could be and became a little panicked.

A feeling of losing emotional control that may lead to a loss of responsibility or even morality. The dreamer must take care to properly deal with the emotional self in order to show proper behaviour.

I left the room to go outside and saw smoke coming from the apartment I had lived in. It was a big building and a firetruck began spraying water to douse the fire. The apartment was a big, tall building where many people lived and outside there was a large empty parking lot.

The dreamer is aware of the danger presented by their emotions and calms themselves before laying the groundwork for looking into their spiritual self.

There was a foreigner outside that was nice and that I talked to. When I moved on I saw a minivan filled with people that was parked in the big parking lot outside the apartments. The parking lot was empty except for that minivan. I thought it might have been the people in the van that set fire to the apartment building. They began hunting me. I was able to put some distance between us and was hiding behind a door. I called a friend or got in contact with him somehow. I didn’t want him to help me out of the situation but he did anyways and charged at the people from where he was. Seeing him charge the people meant I had to do the same. The people had guns but we managed to handle them.

Feeling overloaded by responsibility the dreamer is recognizing a need to change their everyday life to reduce their anxiety and feelings of guilt. The higher self or hero is helping to recognize and contain the negative thoughts that lead to negative feelings in the dreamer.

There was a lot of water in the city and many water slides. I had perhaps a bike or something too that was hard to move around in the city with all the slides and water.

The dreamer is surrounded by the opportunity for change.

We caught finally caught the man we were after and I hadn’t been able to get him down before but now I managed to strangle him so he gave up.

Learning to control inappropriate emotional outbursts the dreamer is seeing the need to act appropriately in daily life.

I was talking with an older work colleague about working at night time. Working all night and all the next day would be too much work so we decided to work maybe four hours at night.

The dreamer is setting limits on the difficulty of having to balance their life in order to feel positive growth in it again.

In bringing the pieces of this dream together we reveal a dreamer who is feeling emotionally overwhelmed by the different aspects of their life. The dreamer has already identified the pieces of their waking life that are causing issue and is working, at a base level, towards creating a reality that releases pent up emotions while at the same time giving them the freedom within the necessary boundaries of their daily responsibilities. Already in a phase of regrowth this dreamer knows their course of action, but is hesitant to follow through with it.

Example Dream and Interpretation #7

Instead of blocking the following dream as I usually would I’ve created a Whole Dream Interpretation directly from the dream text in order to showcase the different methods of dream interpretation.

In the local mall I was walking around doing some window shopping when I went into a hobby store. I looked around in the store for a few minutes and found a model that I thought was interesting. This particular store allowed you to begin putting the model together while at the store and I started building what I believe was some sort of satellite. It must have taken awhile to put together as much of the model as I had because I suddenly realized that it was almost closing time for the store (they were pulling the large doors across the front of the store). Grabbing the model and my socket wrench, which I apparently was using to put the model together I proceeded to the checkout to pay for the model. A teenage male rang through my purchase and it came to $14.73. At this point I must have either been partially lucid or particularly paying attention as I remember looking at the digital display of the cash register and actually reading the total sale. Since the store was closing the younger man was unable to make change for the $15.00 I gave him in cash (I remember distinctly opening my wallet and pulling out a $10 bill and a $5 bill as their colouring sets them apart) and went to get a manager. Upon coming to the counter the manager had to make change in his head and gave me three dimes, a nickel and a penny ($0.37), which I counted out and indicated was incorrect math. I then made a joke that doing any kind of math at closing time of a store was a nasty trick to play on someone. At this point people exiting the store had opened the sliding door at the front some more and the store owner came to the front and began berating his staff for their incompetence. After his little tirade I broke in that our plan had been for me to exit the store and close the door behind myself and that if he had just remained calm for a moment longer he would have understood the logic and timing of such a plan. Exiting the store at that point I pulled the door closed behind me and also pulled a large white fire curtain across the mall hallway and proceeded to one of the big box stores. Knowing that I had parked my vehicle just outside the main doors of the big box store I hurried to get to it before they closed the doors and they were just cleaning up and getting ready to shut the doors when I got there. I made it through the store and presumably out to my vehicle because at this point I shifted to third-person watching the mall janitorial staff clean up, close the big doors and shut the lights off. The dream ended with what appeared to be the head of the janitorial staff, a man in red, going down a hallway to lock a door.

The dreamer is examining their life and ensuring that as they construct new pieces of it (particularly new communication models) they are able to ensure all aspects are equal and treated fairly. There is a large emphasis by the dreamer on the need to ensure that any newly created characteristics and ideas fit snugly with already existing pieces. Balance and fair exchange are important to the dreamer as well as calming any emotional waves that may attempt to create havoc within their life. The dreamer goes so far as to physically block contamination of their inner self before exiting and gaining the new vigour, strength and power afforded by the tight association of new and old aspects of their self.

Conclusion: Newly created aspects of the dreamer’s character are carefully designed to enhance and extend what the dreamer offers and utilizes in the waking world.

Example Dream and Interpretation #8

In this instance the male dreamer provides not only a dream, but also their interpretation of it as learned through the steps in this dream course. I have added additional interpretative information for comparison.

I'm at school sitting in the classroom (the classroom I am in most hours of the week at university). I recognize three classmates, one is a real life classmate, and the others are from the Psi Palatium chat channel. They're going to play an online game I'm very good at. They're talking about it and I tell them I'm very good at it and that they can ask for my help or for tips about it if they want. Into the class walks my old English teacher I had in my first two years of highschool. Apparently pretty much everyone in the classroom had him as a teacher before and he received a spontaneous applause just for being there (in real life he was sort of a bully as a teacher, had a big ego but was quite successful in the basketball world, being a coach and knowing NBA players, he was very confident and had high self esteem). He started making jokes (bully-like to the people the jokes were about) like everyone was used to him. We then had a test. I was the first one to finish the test and walked into the hallway before handing in my papers to check something or put my writing stuff away. As I enter the classroom again the teacher said that wasn't allowed (with the intention of saying I could be cheating), but I say it’s ok, that I am already finished with the test so I take the two papers to him holding them up a bit so he can clearly see I'm not adding or changing things and had really already finished the test. He corrects the test right away and I had three errors, they were small stupid errors but he says the test itself was excellent (it looked to be a Chinese test). I shortly talked with him and then didn't know what to say anymore so I just said it was nice to see him again and left. He found that odd (despite not having anything interesting to say either). I than went towards the elevators (the classroom is on the 6th floor, also in real life) half running and maneuvering freely through the hallway. Inside the elevator were a strange man and a girl classmate of mine. I notice my classmate was wearing two different shoes. The elevator went down very quickly. I said I wanted to float but not in this way (before entering the elevator I wanted to feel the experience of floating (usually the experience of floating in my dreams happens when I run very fast and keep going faster to the point where I lift off the ground and fly across the surface, its why I was running in the hallway as well in this dream). The two others in the elevator started panicking. I remained calm but was wondering how to best prepare for a crash (I was thinking lying down on the elevator bottom) and when the crash would happen (how many meters emergency room there is under the lowest level). The counter went 2, 1, and 0 and then went into weird symbols and pieces of numbers until six floors down below 0. The crash was ok; we just came to a halt but not a sudden one that you’d expect. I immediately wondered how long it would take for people to get us out of the elevator. Then the doors opened and I expected to see dirt in front of me but suddenly we were on floor 0 and the dream ended.

Dreamer’s Theme and Interpretation for Example Dream #8

Main theme: Learning things and how this is affecting me both good and bad

  1. School, classroom, classmates, game, offer help: I am learning to be closer to (my) humanity and am feeling more compassion towards people as they are (I think humanity in general, people who are nice but troubled by something).
  2. Teacher (bully, big ego, success, very confident, self esteem), applause, jokes: I am learning new things and I am very confident in being able to be successful and doing this. Perhaps I am overconfident and have to watch extra careful not to make conclusions too fast. To avoid that I look towards people around me to help me and it’s good I do this.
  3. Test, finish first, hallway, wrongly suspected of cheating, excellent test, talk, walk away: I experience challenges in my life but am in the process of bringing them to an end as I move to a next stage of my life. As I move to the next stage I have to consider the added responsibilities.
  4. Running through the hallway to the elevator and going/crashing down, ending up fine: This is me moving quickly to the next stage of life. But as I am doing so I am going through a lot of different emotions and uncertainty. Much has changed and there is uncertainty in me about how certain things will go. Somewhere inside me I think things will work out but that part is buried under fears and turmoil for the moment.

Dreamer’s Conclusion for Example Dream #8

Compared with the other dream I had this night this one seems more passive.

I am not certain about these interpretations, especially because it’s as if it swings between the parts of it (confident - uncertain, moving forward - moving back and forth, dealing with challenges - new ones popping up) like the dream doesn't has it figured out what exactly my subconscious is going through or I'm not able to interpret it better. Blocks 1 and 2 were the least clear to me.
My mind was going through many different things and switching moods around when I had this dream so I settled with this interpretation.

Author’s Interpretation for Example Dream #8

Main Theme: Rearrangement of the self to a more publicly open and accepted paradigm.

The dream opens with the dreamer attempting to fit into a social situation and taking a critical look at their own ego and self-esteem balance. In this instance the dreamer is seriously looking at how others perceive the dreamer in a public setting. The dreamer must have been already working on these aspects consciously in their waking life because their test is showing stability and success materializing from their efforts. Though the dreamer is not consciously aware of it they also have the opportunity for a loving relationship. Not realizing the relationship is available is due to the dreamer’s inability to stay in touch with everyday life – they need to remain more grounded in reality; the here and now. Looking deep into the dreamer’s lower levels of the self we are able to see that it is simply the dreamer’s newness, or naivety with emotional/deep interpersonal skills that is making them only unconsciously aware of their female suitor’s advances.

Conclusion: The dreamer is already working towards emotional inclusion within their self and it is paying off. The next and harder step for the dreamer includes emotional relationships.

Example Dream and Interpretation #9

In this instance the male dreamer provides not only a dream, but also their interpretation of it as learned through the steps in this dream course. I have added additional interpretative information for comparison.

I'm at the end of my street heading home when I see smoke rising from my house. Running to my house I discover a fire. In a panic I enter to find my family. When I start searching I discovered that none of my dogs were in the garden. I entered the house and suddenly I noticed that as I was walking the fire was extinguishing itself. At this point I reach my mother's bedroom. She wasn't there. The bathroom is near the bedroom and I entered to see if she was inside. I found one of my dogs (the most calm of them) with a bath towel on its head. As I remove the towel the dog strangely growls at me. I get out and close the door. Immediately the dog advances to bite me with an unstoppable rage. After this I go to the kitchen and the fire continues to disappear as I walk. From the kitchen there is a corridor that leads back to the garden. In the garden again I see my mother with her back turned to me. She turns around and opens her arms to give me a hug. When I hug her she stabs me in the back and I die slowly.

Dreamer’s Interpretation for Example Dream #9

Two years after this dream, I had some problems with my mother. And I compared these problems with the dream. It’s in our houses that we learn every basic thing necessary to our development. So, my house is the base. When I saw my house on fire, going down in flames, is the same as to see my base burning, my emotional base. The enraged dog represents my own rage. The problem started with a conversation between me and my mother. She told some things to me that made me very angry. The fire extinguishing itself represents my situation after the conversation. I used to hide things and to lie to her. I was very afraid. So, the fire is the problem that I had. The fact of every flame disappear at the right time a walk near it, means to me that only I can solve the problem(and I really did it!). Finally, the stab in the back represents a betrayal. I felt betrayed after the conversation, because I was sure that I could count on her and she didn't react as I was hoping.
The house is my emotional base destroyed, the dog and the stab represents my feelings at this moment(rage and sensation of being betrayed) and the fire means that only I could solve the problem, since it disappears in front of me.

Author’s Interpretation for Example Dream #9

Main Theme: Looking for support as had always been there and not finding it.

While the dreamer is seeking security they are recognizing danger in their own anger and frustration. They are searching for loyalty and trust, but are unable to find it though they are aware of the energy that created the situation in the first place. When the reactions are incorrect the dreamer is aware that they need to find a new self that cuts through the hypocrisy and betrayal because others do not perceive them as they had thought.

Conclusion: A rather abrupt focus on the need for self sufficiency.