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Dream Interpretation: Appendix
by Zeus

Dream Dictionaries

Available from the recommended books section of the Psi Palatium website via Amazon.com:
1. 10,000 Dreams Interpreted by Pamela Ball

Free Online dream dictionaries:
1. The Curious Dreamer Google Gadget available from the main menu of the Psi Palatium website
2. http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamdictionary
3. http://www.sleeps.com/dictionary/dictionary.html

Common Interpretation of Colours

These colour interpretations are associated when the colour of an object leaps out as important in the details of the dream.

Beige: Neutrality and lack of meaningful communication.
Black: Bad luck, or aspects to overcome.
Blue: Worry free, inner peace and contentment. Healing and relaxation.
Brown: Freedom, success, money and happy or long-lasting unions or accusation of dishonesty.
Grey: Devotion to work, or seeing something through.
Green: The colour of money and of travel as well as peaceful earthy connections.
Orange: Uplifting, generally upbeat colour that may mean home ownership and independence.
Pink: Emotional leanings as well as healing.
Purple: Creativity and social interaction.
Red: Unnecessary anger, or unexpected good news. Power.
Turquoise: A sign of promise or the successful completion of a project.
White: Innocence, spiritual purity, security, success.
Yellow: Confidence or obstacles that will be overcome with good judgement.