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Energy Concentrations, Ghosts, and Spirits
by Zeus

Silently gliding to and fro in a rocking chair in the nursery is a white-haired, aged woman. She contentedly smiles while watching the baby boy sleep in his crib. As the night wears on the boy becomes restless and the woman noiselessly stands beside the crib to reach down and stroke his cheek. He lets out a little cry to which the woman responds, “Its okay Bradley Great-Grandma’s here.” In the boy’s parent’s room his mother is wide awake holding the baby monitor in disbelief. His mother knows what she just heard and gets her husband to go investigate. What the boy’s father finds is a happily sleeping baby, a still moving rocking chair and nothing else. For you see the baby boy’s Great-Grandmother died five months before he was born.

Both mother and father were intrigued by the night’s events. Besides the bond of family what could bring such an event about? Obviously the mother may have been dreaming and imagined what she heard, but was there anything else in the room that may have aided in the night’s unexplained events? As it turns out the rocking chair in the nursery was the very same chair that Great-Grandmas used to sit in to watch her children. The parents had inadvertently set up the perfect stage for the evenings events. Satisfied that it was either imaginary or a one-time event the boy’s parents when on about their lives.

Several days later it was late at night and both of the boy’s parents were awake reading in bed when from the baby monitor could be heard the rustling of blankets and the beginnings of baby cries. As the parents were deciding whose turn it was to console their son the lights on the monitor suddenly began to flash brightly and static erupted from the speaker. Taken aback the parents looked at the baby monitor and then listened intently to it as the static faded. Through the monitor an aged woman’s voice spoke softly and said, “Shhh, be still honey Great-Grandma’s here.” The boy then settled down and shortly afterwards the rocking chair could be heard slowly moving back and forth. Of course with this incident clearly witnessed by both parents there was little doubt that something other worldly was occurring in their house late at night.

Both parents decided to sit down the next day and talk with their older son to see if he had any experiences himself. The father knew his son regularly spoke of something in his room at night that he referred to as “Spook”. Through careful questioning the older son reported having Great-Grandma in his room several times recently checking on him like she used to when he was younger and that she had told him she was looking after his new brother as she had looked after him. The mother then explained that Great-Grandma had passed away and was no longer among us to which her son replied, “I know she is dead so she can go shopping with Grandma now and they are having a wonderful time.” Knowing her mother-in-law had also recently passed the boy’s mother was a little lost for words. “Don’t worry Mommy, Great Grandma just wants to make sure Bradley and I are okay.”

In the weeks and months that followed it became a regular occurrence for the baby monitor to act strangely and then to hear the mother’s grandmother softly soothing her son. The parents went so far as to video their experiences and caught many good pieces of evidence to have for their son later in life. They wanted to be able to show him how much his family cared for him. And then one day when their youngest son was about a year and a half old the parents were creating a new family picture gallery in a hallway. All the photos were lined up in their frames down the hall waiting to be hung. Down the hall the young boy toddled only to sop and pick up a frame. He clutched the photo tightly, gave it a kiss, and said, “Hi Great Grandma.” The picture he held was indeed his Great-Grandmother whom he’d never met and never before seen a picture of.

The story above may seem slightly fantastical, but I assure you it is not a work of fiction. Though obviously abridged the experiences related are entirely truthful and accurate. So, what does this mean with respect to an afterlife, ghosts, spirits and apparitions? It means only that something exceptional can sometimes occur which defies the bounds of physical reality.

We know through published studies that the body loses physical mass upon death. With experimentation it has also been shown that this reduction in mass is directly proportional to a release of energy from the body upon death. What exactly this energy is has not been determined. It may simply be an excess of energy with nowhere else to go upon death, much like the final jolt of energy from an electrical device just before it stops working. However, it may be something much more than waste energy. The released energy may be the core of the deceased. Dare I say – their soul?

I am not going to jump into the principles of whether we have a soul, or not and in sticking to the teachings of Pure Energy Psi (my preferred path) I will simply theorize that the release of energy upon death is Central Energy being released to the Universal. Pardon? What I mean to say is that a person’s Central Energy, that which is theirs alone what put together as it is, the energy that makes them unique is released from the body when the body dies. This unique energy then has many different avenues that it may travel.

First the energy may dissociate and come apart with pieces zooming off in all directions. Most people fear this option as they fear it means nothingness after death, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Since recent decades have given us scientific studies with conclusions that certain types of energies may have a type of memory and are thus more apt to appear and associated in certain ways it isn’t that much of a stretch to extend this outcome with regards to released Central Energy. This could mean that each piece of a former person’s Central Energy now flying in all directions retains some history of who it was. That’s important because accordingly energy cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed, it may only be conserved. So, having a limited amount of energy and some of the energy having memory it isn’t unlikely that some of the energy may be harnessed together with other energy to form a new person’s Central Energy. This theory of piecing also explains why several people now living may feel that they were the same person in a former life. So, the first theory is that the original energy becomes many new things.

The second theory of released energy is that it remains together, and wholly re-enters physicality as a new person’s Central Energy. At first this would seem to be a one-to-one reincarnation, but this isn’t necessarily so since the new person will undoubtedly be created differently, think differently, and act differently. Just because the core memory of the new person is the same as the deceased the physical body imposes real limits on what is consciously remembered by the brain and interpreted through the new personality. So, while the old energy is preserved a new physical manifestation is created.

Finally the Central Energies of a deceased person may remain concentrated, but non-corporeal. This means the energy stays largely intact and does not get used for anything else. The energy remains concentrated and thus the core memories remain intact. With this theory we are able to explain many different aspects of experiences and belief. It also happens that this final theory makes the beginning story possible in its entirety.

Physical beings as we are happen to be made up of energy at specific concentrations, frequencies, and levels. It is this specific combination that makes things physical and allows us to interact with them. We are also able to perceive only very specific aspects of combinations of energy. But we can utilize energies we can’t perceive and interact thus interact with them. The television remote control uses an infrared emitter and detector to communicate, both of which are invisible to us because their energy frequency is too low. If we boosted the level a little we’d see a flash of red light every time we hit a button. We can detect what we can’t perceive and we can thus interact with it. If we took a volume of air that we can’t see and squeezed, or concentrated it eventually the air would turn to liquid and even solid where we could perceive that it was really there (this is not practical, but could be done). Visually, changing energy levels by speeding them up or slowing levels down we’re able to see things we otherwise can’t. Elephants may look like they’re being silent, but they use infra-sound to communicate which are lower frequencies than we can hear. To us the elephants are quiet when actually they’re chattering away. When we use special equipment and speed up the frequency a little we are then able to hear all the noises elephants make. So, we can interact physically with the elephant but are unable to naturally perceive everything going on with them. All of this information is extremely important to keep in mind when dealing with energy concentrations.

We have a very limited perception and in order to interact with Central Energy that is non-corporeal that energy must become energized at concentrations, frequencies and levels we are able to perceive. There are several different theories as to how this occurs but the two most common are temperature and radiated energy. Now before we continue we must realize what we’re talking about with regards to perceptual energy concentrations. When we are able to perceive concentrated Central Energy that is not physical in nature we most commonly refer to it as a ghost, or spirit.

Seeing ghosts is often associated with a sudden drop in ambient temperature. We can liken this to the liquid air we created by squeezing gaseous, non-visible air. Though the act of compressing the gas creates extreme heat when we release the air back to our environment, to perceive it, the air will be extremely cold while it remains liquid around -200 degrees. Seeing ghosts may require the sort of energy squeeze and thus up and then extreme drop in temperature. But ghosts are not always seen as cold. Sometimes apparitions are seen with a sort of glowing, aura-effect surrounding them. This can also be explained by our theory of perception in the energy concentration reducing its energy level to a place we can perceive by radiating extra energy via the glow effect. Of course the glowing effect may also be a means to allow us to perceive them much like wearing special glasses allows us to see infrared or ultra-violet lights we otherwise cannot see.

Bringing this finally together means that the core energy of a deceased person may remain intact and that given the right set of circumstances we can perceive and even interact with that energy. In this manner the boy’s Great-Grandmother was able to visit and interact with him in his nursery.