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After Meditations
by Rhyannon

You have now mastered the basics of shifting your mind by doing basic meditations. Along with that shift of the mind comes a shift in perception and a change in your energy. It is now time to learn about your basic energy body. There are two bodies to be concerned with, the physical and energy body. (Refer to the article “Total Energy Self”) once this information is understood we can take the next step into working with your physical and internal energy to expand your beliefs in yourself and your talents.

Believing in yourself comes from within and not outside, even though we have learned about how we should be by outside influences. This perception we hold of ourselves in our minds directs our every thought and actions. It is not the real you it is the learned you. Since this is learned it can be unlearned by shifting your mind and beliefs. You can find out what you believe about yourself and change this from doing guided meditations. When you shift your mind through these brief meditation periods, everything is seen from a new perspective. At this point is where you want to know everything you can about yourself to replace what was old and outdated with your new understanding of self. We will go slowly, with one goal at a time to reach a higher understanding.

Using stress related situations as an example, finding out what actually is causing the stress is as simple as guiding yourself back through the events of the day with the acknowledgement you are here only for understanding. See yourself from outside of your body; using your mind, thinking logically and not emotionally on the situation. That allows you a higher understanding of what actually transpired. It becomes a stranger’s point of view. Staying relaxed, once you have taken the step to control the environment you have just created, this is where we get into understanding ourselves better than ever. This allows us the advantage of understanding more about our talents, which naturally follow growth and acceptance of responsibility. Refusal to see the truth of this new understanding can cause energy to stagnate or even regress our energy. We cannot refuse to accept the responsibility of our newfound discoveries on our stress related issue or we cannot grow.

Now that you have progressed this far in understanding and want to continue on, it is up to you to find the creative solutions to achieve balance and release the stress. You can take stock of the situation and of your decisions in accepting the stress. Yes, you can see you are creating the thoughts and actions (or inactions) in this situation. What can you do to change this situation without creating more unbalance and drama for yourself and others? You see that you have twice as much work as others or you feel the work you have is much harder. This is causing you to worry that it will be substandard work in comparison, or you wont meet a deadline.

From your new detached advantage point logically you can see many solutions and that the stress is actually thoughts you have created and they are no longer thoughts that are useful or needed in your daily life. This information is useful to know time and again. You can see its time to let it go and replace it with your new solutions and thoughts about you and your situation. Alpha meditations are perfectly designed for this type of energy work, the flow of creative thoughts form and solutions soon follow the natural thread of positive possibilities. Believe in yourself, even if a negative thought intrudes. You are in absolute control of this guided meditation and are able to change the flow and your thoughts to continue on a positive thread

Meditating is a wonderful way of relaxing after a stressful day. As you can see, the meditations help to serve in understanding why you may be overstressed, and when entering the alpha state you are able to allow your mind to wander through your thoughts. This has a way of helping us govern our thoughts with a more compassionate eye and direct our growth. When we grow in understanding and follow through with what we have learned the beliefs we have in ourselves increase and our newly shifting minds will expand along with our perceptions, energy and talents.