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Lucid Dreaming
by Rhyannon

Sleep takes up a third of our lives. Something that consumes such a huge piece of our entire life must have some purpose to it. Since the beginning of time people have wondered about the dream world and compared it to every day life and the real world around us. Some individuals beg to spend their lives finding that one dream that makes them happy and have it manifest into the physical world; while others believe dreams are only a way for our body to throw out the trash we gathered during the day, or to sort out our emotional responses. Sure, the body needs to dream, because without our dreams scientific studies show we would go insane and eventually die. To some persons walking the path of psi dreams are a gateway to the world in-between the physical world and the world of the spirit. The dream is a bridge to our inner-self and the world(s) of energy that are seen and unseen around us.

It is my belief that only difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming is that in lucid dreaming you fall asleep before you leave your body. I am not going to tell you what you should believe about the astral/dream worlds. Those beliefs are for you to discover on your own. There are loads of books on the subject. Frankly, my telling you in my short articles would not be as much benefit to you as you finding a good book to learn from and form an opinion regarding lucid dreams for yourself.

Lucid dreaming has been recorded to occur while in the alpha brainwave frequency state. The most recognized definition of lucid dreaming is: “Dreaming while conscious of the fact that you are in a dream.” Understand that around us in the waking world our conscious sees and believes what is being shown to us in our everyday lives, it is our reality. It is only a step away to knowing in our dream world. When we are lucid our conscious knows and recognizes the world we have entered into upon dreaming is just as real as the physical world we have just left behind. It is just as real to us there as it is here. So the work we do there is just as real. The consequences and benefits will come. One state of alpha just so happens to be while we are at a longer extended period of rest, the other while we are slipping into a meditative state or reflective state, still fully aware.

Lucid dreaming can provide you wonderful insight to yourself, your future, the people and the places around you. You can contact your guides, passed on relatives, do energy work and etc. You are the only one who can limit the possibilities.


Preparing the mind to lucid dream. Simple! You will be making moves all through out your day to remember your dreams and be a part of them. You do this by:

  • Programming your self in meditation/self-hypnosis to go lucid during dream states. (Do this least once a day in a quickie meditation)
  • Tell yourself often you will be going lucid and will be aware during your dreaming tonight.
  • Try not to have drinks or food that would disrupt your sleep or keep you awake.
  • Exercise: A fit body leads to a fit mind. You are trying to create a daily pattern to keep your mind and body healthy and energized, so eat correctly too. (Follow your doctors orders, I am not a doctor or a scientist)
  • Get into a normal pattern of sleep. That can take a few weeks. Make sure the sleeping environment you are in, is quiet, cozy and comfortable.
  • Keep a dream journal with a pen or pencil next to your sleeping place.
  • Get a good dream book

So, you’ve done all that now you‘re ready for bed what do you do? Your mind is the one that dreams so you must think about lucid dreaming and being a part of it. Before you fall to sleep mentally prepare your mindset to take part in your dreaming process. You can do this by prayer, meditation, asking your guides, make an intent to go lucid, or whatever way is comfortable to you. Frame of mind is important.One example of my own experience: If I have something on my mind I will ask for guidance on it in my dreams and think of the subject over and over again until I fall asleep. I will also program myself to remember my dreams. The more I think I am going to dream the more I am aware of my dreams the next day or that I am actually lucid dreaming so I take part in them.

Next: DREAM! When you find yourself dreaming, you can ask questions; visualize healing or solving the problem you want. Explore the universe. Nothing can stop you in a dream but you and your fears so have none. Even nightmares are there for a reason. If you ever feel you are in danger wake yourself up, you are in total control of your environment in the dream world. When guides are involved they will help you by sending you symbols. Look them up in a good dream book. With more practice you can talk to them in your dreams if that is your intent. Make sure you include that as you’re drifting off.

If you wake up during the middle of the night write down all you can remember. If at all possible try not to let alarms wake you on short notice. Awake slowly. Relaxation and being open to listening to your self is important. Bells (phones ringing) are meant to startle and make you alert - you don't want to be awakened abruptly. In the evening I would set my alarm early enough that I would fall back to sleep and then I would start dreaming again. By the time my alarm sounded off again I had many more dream details because I was allowing my conscious mind to wake up and wander around on subjects while permitting my body to continue to rest. When you wake up or get your message in your dream write it down.

Tips for interpreting dreams:

Nightmares are there to force you to see symbols to help you solve your problems or help you to see a situation more clearly.

Dreams can be in reverse, a death in most cases means a birth. An objective view does help. So ask a friend about it. Keep in mind not all dreams are precognitive. Some are just junk your mind is getting rid of; other dreams are details of your life you are going over. The important dreams the symbols will JUMP at you and those I would pay attention to. Try to remember for later recall the energy feel of the different type of dreaming you do.

Good luck and don’t give up, the more you absorb your mindset into this the faster it is more likely to happen!