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by Drummel

When a person discovers psi there is a great amount of excitement and desire in discovering its capabilities.   However, developing psi abilities can be a slow and frustrating path and at times the practitioner may become disillusioned.   Yet there is more to Psi then developing and controlling amazing abilities.  Often in order for abilities to manifest with control and balance the practitioner should first learn to master their mind, attitudes and emotions.  It is best a practitioner also undertakes another journey of self-discovery with intents on understanding their past, present, and current actions, motivations and desires.  In doing so they provide more control in the psychic intents they wish to manifest as they are more capable of creating the Truth portion of an intent.

In Pure Energy Psi a Power Triangle technique  is used often when forming intents in order to greatly increase the focus and over all energy of the intent. The technique is effective because it aids the Energeticist in forming the necessary focus  through addressing  the conscious and subconscious in the formation of an energy intent: Truth: Knowledge, and Power.  Obtaining Truth can be difficult as the psychic must genuinely believe in their desire and power for an intent to be the most effective.  By attempting self-mastery the Energist can discover any subconscious blocks of insecurities, or other issues of worth that may provide blocks in the belief of their power.  There may also exist previous programming from their surrounding culture and  reality and if those beliefs conflict with the truths needed to form an intent then again the power can be blocked.  Through using  Self-reflection a practitioner may also discover they have subconscious emotions of guilt, anger, and resentments that may be truly motivating their desire for power again infecting the Truth corner of the triangle, resulting in power blocks.     After identifying any negative issues that influence motivations the psychic has to make a decision if that is the person they wish to remain or if they  need a change in order to discover the power they desire; determining the kind of Energist  they truly wish to become.  

It is perceived by experienced Psychics there are consequences  within energy interactions; negatively and positively effecting the energy balance of a person or area.  A beginner may not understand the depth of these interactions for many years; therefore, it is best to seek the wisdom of experienced psychics for guidance if their goal is to have positive influences in their life through psi.    An inexperienced practitioner should begin taking responsibility for their actions even if they cannot perceive the interactions directly, otherwise they may find their attempts at manipulations imbalanced, weak or even harmful.  For comparison: When a gun is fired the bullet travel’s too fast to be  seen and only its path of destruction is witnessed.  However,  experienced marksman have the ability to precisely aim and project the impact a bullet will have before they pull the trigger.  An inexperienced person  shoots without full realization on how far that bullet may travel, the kick back of the gun,  and probable damage it may cause should they miss their mark .  Becoming a marksman in psi is developed through first practicing responsible energy interactions and gaining understanding through developing perceptions of those interactions.  If a practitioner does not fully know how the energy is interacting or going to interact it is best to treat the interaction with as much responsibility as they would a loaded gun by learning techniques that focus on maintaining balance. The aim of an intent will become more focused and precise when the practitioner has gained more mastery of themselves and forms purer focused intents.

In attempting self-mastery the practitioner should overcome their emotional baggage and not accept the role of the victim; creating beliefs of entitlement and falsely justifying selfish imbalanced behavior.  Furthermore they should  be cautious, after gaining insights, to not become over judgmental and cynical of society around them which leads to developing an unhealthy ego of superiority.  

In Conclusion, Self-Mastery not only benefits the Energist in control and aim of energy intents but it also opens them up to continuous self-growth.  Through defusing emotional or spiritual blocks that were accumulated from previous life experiences they gain the wisdom in addressing future experiences.  When it comes to actually defusing the blocks there is no simple solution.  Only a strong desire for change will allow a person to move forward; recognizing the benefits of the change and discovering the power of change leads to empowering a person with psi; effectively gaining the understanding to make changes within their reality and ultimately the world.