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Guides, Guardians, Lords and Keepers
by Zeus

As with anything that is ordered and has rules existence has those that watch over and help everyone, and everything. You may consider these people (although they may not always be physical) as the teachers, parents, and police of our existence.

The task of helping people to make the correct choices and in helping to expand knowledge of abilities and events falls to the teachers of existence; the Guides. Guides in other religions and psi techniques would be equated with Angels, or helpful familiars. They are the force behind the quest for knowledge and the search for truth. There are no limits on the number of guides a person or object may have. Some people may have no guides at all while others have several. A person may be able to see their guide and find that they are not of human form, or they may only be able to feel them. Still other people may not even be aware that they have a guide in their life quest, because they have not progressed far enough to see, or feel them. A guide can not be evil. If a person has an associated evil presence around them then it is not a guide, but a negative energy concentration of another form. A guide is the lowest on the energy threads of the four categories discussed here. A guide's help is not absolute, so people are still dependent on themselves to make their choice of free will, but that person will feel the pull of the direction their guide suggests. Your guide is not there to glue you to one track through life they are simply around you to help nudge you towards truth and knowledge.

Unfortunately, because of the presence of negative energies and people in existence their is a great need for a type of policing/enforcement force. This job is taken on by the Guardians of Existence, or simply Guardians. Guardians continually watch over existence to make certain that no one/thing tries to destroy the order of our plane and pyramid. Each Guardian is "hand picked" for their energies and their ability to watch for subtle changes in energy threads. Time, although a human concept, must progress in sequential steps and can be disrupted by almost anyone. The main tasks of a Guardian are: to train other chosen people, to suppress abilities in those that would abuse them, and to destroy those that would destroy our existence. A Guardian's place on the energy threads is usually just below that of a Lord, but there are instances of High Guardians being further up the threads than any of the other categories. The religious association of a Guardian would be that of a Guardian Angel, or Demi-God.

Lords of Existence (Lords) are easier to explain as the vice-presidents of existence. Lords coordinate Guides, Guardians, and other Lords so that our existence and plane remains orderly and intact. Lords do not usually interact with physical beings, but on occasion will venture forth when needed. They are higher on the energy threads than Guides, but not as high as Keepers. The religious association of a Lord is that of an Arch Angel, an ancient mythical God, or an element.

The final category is that of Keeper. A Keeper is something difficult to explain, but I will try. Keepers are those that are entrusted with the very essences of existence. They watch over it and dole it out to those favoured, or in need. The final say for most decisions comes from the Keepers whom are also the rule makers. Balance of our plane and existence is in their hands and they command the Lords to make sure that everything stays within limits. A Keeper is equated with being a Demi-God, or God's right hand.

Each category is well defined in what is expected, but there are those that blur across more than one category, so you may meet Guide/Lords, or Guardian/Keepers. The above four categories are the very reason that free will has not spun our plane into chaos, and they work very hard at what they do. I would urge that if you ever were to meet one that you listen careful to what they say, and always look for their meaning underneath as well as in what they say.

Since I know I will receive mail about my use of the term "negative energy concentration of another form," I will explain here. Guides, Guardians, Lords and Keepers are all of Neutral Order energy and so are not able to be evil. They may be interpreted as being evil if they are forced to erase a menace to existence, but that is not their true nature. Negative Energy concentrations (An energy concentration being associated with ghosts and spirits) are of two forms: chaos energy that has inadvertently slipped into our plane, or negative energy that has bonded enough outside of physical that it is aware and able to function. The best protection against such concentrations is shielding and centring. Do not fear the concentration being able to take over your body since as long as you are alive your centre energy fills the needed void. Negative energy concentrations can drain your aural energies and make you feel tired, or sick but you can usually get rid of them through the use of psi spheres. Please remember that not all energy concentrations are evil, but that if you should feel/see one it is always best to put shielding in place just in case. Energy concentrations may visit you and be of a good, or positive nature. When a person dies their central energy may be able to stay united enough that they become an energy concentration in the Universal Energy. In this case relatives, friends, pets etc. may be able to visit you even after they have passed on. They may not be guides, guardians, lords, or keepers, but simply energy concentrations with the ability to function as if they were still physical.

The highest category in existence would be that of a/the God(s). Pure Energy signifies the highest energy concentration as the very centre of existence where all energy converges. This convergence of energy or supreme power is the heart of all that is.