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Pure Energy Theory of Existence
by Zeus

The main points of the 'Pure Energy Theory of Existence':
  • Everything within our physical existence exists on a small triangular plane
  • Everything beyond our physical existence exists within a double pyramidic plane that encompasses the physical plane
  • Everything physical belongs to one of three distinct energy groups termed: Truth, Knowledge, and Power
  • Everything non corporeal can also be distinguished as either Ordered, or Chaotic
Everything within the Universe exists within the confines of this double pyramid structure. All energy, all matter, everything. There are two distinct sections to this structure to keep things in balance. As illustrated there are Order and Chaos sides to our existence. The Order Pyramid is constructed of Order Energy, and the Chaos Pyramid consists of Chaos Energy and so is not always recognizable as a pyramid. We, as physical beings, exist on a plane within the Order side of the structure.
Our plane of existence is a relatively flat one; however many Pure Energists disagree on whether our plane is actually flat, a pyramid, or in fact a double pyramid. For ease of explanation we'll say it is flat. Our physical plane exists very near the bases of the existence double-pyramid, on the Order side. There are three main points creating the triangular shape of the "Power Triangle." Power (P), Knowledge (K), and Truth (T) are the energy centres that make up the physical. Each of the corners of our plane are directly connected themselves to the corresponding sides of the Order Pyramid. In the above diagram U means Ultimate, or a side of the Existence Pyramid. In the very centre of the physical plane and directly connected to all points in the Triangle and beyond is the Central Energy Point (G). The Central Energy Point is responsible for distribution of energy throughout our plane and for containing the physical energies within the triangle.