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Metaphysics and Humanity – The Writings of a Paradox
by Darkflame

Note: These are my thoughts and theories on the subjects presented, in no way am I claiming that these are correct. I’m just writing it as I go along.

Other Note: Whenever something is labelled as a musing there is a 100% chance that I am talking out of my ass. The quotes are for my own amusement and because they fit.


“Energy can be thought of as colour, with the three primary colours from which extend all other colours. With two tones: white and black, to make an infinite number of possibilities and flavours of energy usage.” – My musings.


This is the power of the mind. Psychic energy does not have any intent of its own and tends to decay fairly quickly without upkeep. This makes it very easy to manipulate and the uses nearly endless, but the skill requirement is extremely high to be able to do anything practical on the physical plane. This type of energy requires direct manipulation with the chance of success resting solely on the psion (presuming there is no direct interference). There is a limit on the energy available to the psion however, as only internal energy is used.


This is the power of life. Chi is said to reside within all things in different forms. Everyone, of every second of the day uses it. Chi can be used to increase strength, speed, stamina and longevity. Because it is life energy, it tends to take on a will of its own when left on its own and is more resistant to decay then psi. It’s uses on anything but the physical plane seems very limited however.


This is the power of the universe. Magick usually requires the use of universal energies to follow the intent of a Mage. The use of these universal energies can make Magick unpredictable at times, with a spell’s success not relying 100% on the Mage’s skill. The use of rituals and tools increase the focus of the Mage to help increase the chance of success, although these are not necessary for more skilled Mages. Magick is mostly an indirect manipulation art.


This type of energy work and just a mixture of different proportions between the above three types. A good hybrid path will maximise on the strengths of the paths that it comes from while reducing the weaknesses at the same time. There is a greater range available to someone who follows this path but they should not expect to gain mastery in one of the above three categories.


One does not have to study the whole of a topic as broad as the ones mentioned above nor is it wise to become a jack of all trades, master of none. There are many parts of energy that can be focused on to achieve mastery. For example, one could study healing using any of the main three categories, or maybe healing using a hybrid of the three. It’s up to you what you specialize in.


“At first, there was nothing but the Mysterious One. From the Mysterious One came the Two From the Two came the Three And from the Three came the hundred thousands...” – Dao De Jing v.42 opening

Order Energy

Our universe is made up of order energy. This is the energy that is necessary for life as we know it. Ordered energy has structure, and within this structure there is room for change. Some may think of this energy as stagnant and unmoving, but this is not so. For something to survive it must change and grow, forming new and useful structures, patterns and ideals.

As I said before, ordered energy is necessary for life, but there are two ways of living things to reproduce: asexual and sexual. Asexual reproduction is when the offspring are exact replicas of the parent. This presents an obvious problem, if there was a virus that could kill one organism of the family, it will be able to kill all of the organisms. With sexual reproduction characteristics are taken from both parents to create a new organism with different traits to either parent. This makes these types less prone to extinction by one environmental change.

This example shows that ordered energy is not unchanging. It allows for change while keeping the basic structure. This structure for this universe is known to many as the laws of science.

Chaos Energy

This is the complete opposite of order energy, it is the Yin to order’s Yang. Chaos energy has no structure, so it cannot be labelled as being something because that will give it structure. Pure chaos is a difficult concept to understand. Though you may well think that you have seen chaos in this world you most likely have not. Chaos energy is not to be confused with disorder energy or entropy, which exists within Order energy and is a necessary part to allow the change that is part of it.

Chaos energy can exist in this universe for short periods of time. This is before the ordered energy of this universe makes what is unmade, transforming it into ordered energy. Chaos energy can also start off a chain reaction, unmaking what is made and transforming it into chaos energy. But the same is true for ordered energy in a chaos universe. So there is a continued cycle of making and unmaking; a perpetual battle between these two polar opposites, just as depicted in the Yin/Yang symbol.

Pure Energy

Through my study of the metaphysical arts, I have begun to suspect a type of energy that surpasses all others. This energy is absolute and is completely neutral. I believe that this energy is changed by several factors in existence into other types, which are then changed further into less pure forms of energy. I have yet to encounter this type of energy as yet, because I feel that its existence would be as rare as chaos energy in this ordered universe. This is because once pure energy comes into contact with intent or charge of any sort, then it is no longer pure energy. Trying to clean energy of all intent and charge could produce a bastardised version of this type of energy, but 100% purity could not be attained. Maybe this type of energy is only found in the void, with nothing to interact with it or is that where chaos resides? Maybe this is the energy that is felt when one catches a glimpse of nirvana. Maybe this is what people call God?

The Nature of Good and Evil

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – Aesop’s Fables

Think about the concepts of good and evil for a moment. What is good? What is evil? You may find yourself listing things as evil if they go against your moral and ethical standards or religion. Good may be things that you like; things that you agree with. Now, try to look at things from another person’s view. You will find that they will class different things as good and evil.

For example: you and your family are at home when someone breaks into your house. You hear a noise and go to investigate, upon finding the intruder you yell and everyone comes running. The thief pulls a knife on you and threatens your family with it if you don’t let him go. In the spirit of the moment when the thief’s attention is distracted for a moment you quickly run over and grab the hand with the knife. There is a short struggle and the thief suddenly falls limp; the knife somehow embedded in his chest. Now, are you good because you protected your family from harm and stopped a criminal? Or are you evil because you killed a man? The thief only wanted was some money to feed his kids, I’m sure he’d think that you were evil for killing him over a few dollars.

There is no such thing as absolute good or evil as they are relative to the perception of those present. In fact, every single act that you do has the capability to hurt someone and therefore has the capability to be seen as evil; even doing nothing.

Polar Opposites

“That’s his job, to balance the equation. Then what’s yours? To unbalance it.” – The Matrix Revolutions

Now that you have forgotten about good and evil, there is still some to be said about the opposing forces of this existence. If existence were averaged out, it would be neutral. But without opposites existence would be a very boring place to be. Without destruction there can be no creation, without creation there can be no destruction. How can you knock over the sandcastle if there is no sandcastle there to knock over? And how can you build the sandcastle if there is no sand left? Opposites are what make existence go ‘round. Don’t be mistaken that positive = good and negative = evil (I though we had gotten over that already). The words positive and negative are just labels to show that whatever they are labelling is opposite to each other. They are not actual things in themselves.

Why hasn’t existence balanced itself out yet? Ok, let’s make a list of things that would be put under positive and their opposites under negative.















See that? If there was to be a balance between all the positive and negative things unbalance would be just as necessary as balance. So for balance, unbalance is needed at the same time. This ends up with existence trying to balance and unbalance itself at the same time. True neutrality is the only absolute… and it doesn’t exist.

** Interesting side musing: The third opposite

What if there was something that was neither positive nor negative but opposite to both? (Neutral is not opposite to anything)


Statement number 2 is true.

Statement number 1 is false.

This makes both statements neither true nor false.

The Nature of Reality

“What is real? How do you define real? If it is what you can touch, taste, smell, see, then real is electrical impulses interpreted by your brain.” – The Matrix

Is that rock really there? I say yes, that guy over there says yes, and then it must be there! Oh, wait, that guy says that there is no rock there… he must be crazy. Simply put: reality is what society agrees upon. This leads to an interesting proposition, what if something was part of your reality but wasn’t real? This may seem to be a paradox at first but if reality is what society agrees upon then it is quite possible. All it takes is a majority to deem something real for it to be reality.

Next question: do we all see the same thing? No one can really answer this question as we are all physically separated and cannot see things exactly the same as others. How do we know the sky is blue? Because it looks blue. How do we know that that is blue? Because we were told that it was blue. How do I know that my blue is the same as your blue? For all I know your blue could be the same as my red. You don’t. This shows just how fragile reality can be. Reality for the individual is based upon assumptions of the group. If that is included into the above definition of reality: Reality for the individual is assumed as what reality is for the group, which they agree upon. So everyone assumes that his or her reality is reality for everyone, because no one disagrees. This is why it is so hard to imagine being tone deaf if you are a musician; it is not part of your reality.

“You can’t bridge the gap between your own truth and the reality of others.” – The End of Evangelion

People who you deem crazy are not part of your reality. The crazier they seem the more different your reality is to theirs. Reality is what you make it; it is not necessarily real.

The Nature of Dreams

“So, where is my dream? It is a continuation of reality. But where is my reality? It is at the end of your dream.” – The End of Evangelion

Sleep is the much-needed escape from the waking world. But where do we go when we sleep? Dreams are a world away from this one; they partially exist in the realm of your mind. Your imagination is allowed to run free in this place, free from restriction by society’s reality. This place is not free from reality though; this place is the reality of your imagination. Some say that dreams are just a way for the mind to organise information accumulated during that day. But I think that they are more than that. During this time your mind is free from its physical prison to roam. Whether your mind stays in its own simulated idealistic reality, ventures into others’ dreams or roams the far reaches of existence is entirely up to you. The catch is, you are unconscious, so your conscious mind has no control over what happens, unless you are lucid dreaming of course.

Dreams of your own mind

In a dream your subconscious and unconscious are free to express themselves. So whatever is in a dream is what you truly want deep down. These things may disgust and horrify you or you may find them pleasing, but remember this: These things are part of your mind’s reality and they are there, ignoring them isn’t going to get you anywhere. These things must be critically analysed and dealt with or accepted if you are to move on.

Shared Dreams

Now, about your mind outside of it’s idealistic reality. Many people can dream the same dream in the same night, or even on different nights. This just means that those minds were in the same dream. This dream could have originated from any of the minds, a combination of the minds or somewhere else entirely. One might think of this as a LAN party where one of the players, a combination of the players or a dedicated server might host the game. The degree of control the player has depends on their involvement in the creation of the game. The difference with minds is that the strength of will a person has also comes into play. This means that someone could beat you at your own game inside your own mind!


Some people can intrude on other’s dreams without an invitation. I do not know how these people do it but I know that the people with this ability call themselves ‘dreamwalkers’. They come into someone’s dreams while they are sleeping and they can change aspects of the dream in whatever way that they want. But they are usually subtle about it; if they inadvertently alert the dreamer they are in danger. If a dreamwalker alerts the dreamer two things may happen to the dreamer: they can either become lucid or wake up. If the dreamwalkers intentions are less than noble and the dreamer becomes lucid, the dreamwalker is in for a world of hurt if they don’t get out quickly. Since the dreamwalker is inside the dreamer’s mind, they can become trapped there and the odds are against them. I have heard that injuries inflicted on this level in this way manifest themselves on the physical level as bruises and small cuts.

Lucid dreaming

This is when the conscious mind is aware while the body is asleep. Since the mind is free at this time one can consciously control whether it is roaming existence or enjoying itself in a dream. I have not actually been able to have a full lucid dream myself yet, but my conscious mind is very closely linked to my subconscious mind. This allows me semi-lucid dreams where I can take a back seat to observe the events that take place as well as being in the dream at the same time but I have no direct control over what happens.

Truth and Understanding

“Reality exists in a place unknown and dreams exist within reality. And truth lies in your heart.” – The End of Evangelion

What is Truth?

Real truth, just like reality, is only true for the individual. I’m not talking about the truth that is told in the courtroom (or should be). That is just a recount of events that happened some other time. The truth that I am talking about is the one that you know and understand to be true. Your truth is what defines your reality and your truth comes from your understanding. This truth can and will change as your understanding grows and changes and therefore changing your reality.

Your understanding comes from knowledge, but it is much more than that. Knowledge is the how, but understanding is the why. If you know something, you will be able to replicate it, but that is all. If you understand something, you will be able to replicate and modify it to make it better or to suit your needs. For example: A model solar car is simple to make, all you need is a simple chassis, body, wheels, solar panel and an electric motor. If you know what you need and how to make it you can put together a model solar car. You may also know something about mechanics and physics, and you replicate what you know to slightly improve your car. But the one thing that is stopping that car from winning is your lack of understanding about the model solar car. If you didn’t understand the mechanics of the car, all you would be able to do is replicate exactly what you have been taught, nothing more. Understanding would be why the mechanics work, so you can design a gearing system to get the best Acceleration/Top Speed ratio so it doesn’t take too long getting up to top speed and that speed is as fast as possible. Understanding is the difference between slapping together some spare parts and creating a model car worthy of winning.

The Relationship between Truth, Knowledge and Understanding

Understanding cannot be taught, only knowledge can. Understanding is the process undertaken by an individual to gain the truth. What you understand then becomes your truth. What you are reading now is my truth translated into words the best that I can. This does not mean that you can instantly find truth here. In a way, my truth becomes your knowledge, which you may then understand and is added to your truth. This does not mean that my truth is your truth. Your truth would come from my truth translated into knowledge, which may be interpreted many (if not infinite) different ways. This allows a unique understanding for each individual, which is vital for separate entities.

The Power Triangle

The saying ‘Knowledge is Power’ is slightly incomplete, it should be ‘Knowledge leads to Truth leads to Power’. This is what the Power Triangle of the Pure Energy Psi path stands for. With understanding you can apply knowledge you have gained. In the process of applying this knowledge you show that you have the power to apply it. So when you have this truth you also have the power to apply your knowledge. This triangle in itself is a never-ending cycle of learning. After you have the truth and the power of the knowledge, you must gain knowledge of the truth and the power (That you know you actually have the power). Then you must understand your knowledge of your power, which will give you power over your power, or greater control of your power and the cycle continues.

The Invisible Bonds

“Everything that happens, will happen, and for a reason.” – One of my sayings.


Straight off the mark, there is no such thing as coincidence. Then why have coincidence as a title? Because this concept is only the surface observation of what is really happening. It is like looking at the still surface of a river only to find a strong current underneath once you have stepped in. Then what is happening underneath? I have a saying that I made up, “Everything that happens, will happen, and for a reason.” This may not appear to make sense at first, but after some thought the meaning may become clear. I’ll tackle the second part first, just because the concept may be easier to grasp this way.

Everything happens for a reason, no matter how small the event, it was for a reason. The reason may not be apparent at first, but there is always a reason. This reason may not even be for you to find out. An event may occur to you and the reason might be to convey a message, but this message may not be for you so the event seems pointless. Another possibility would be that the message was for you and you did receive it, but it was received by another level of your consciousness. So your conscious mind thinks that no message was received only for this message to reveal itself to your conscious mind when it is ready. A third possibility is that the message is for you but you didn’t receive it. Maybe it is a message that you will only understand or accept if it is coming from someone else, it could be someone you like/dislike/are indifferent to.

Now for the first part of my saying. Everything that happens, will happen. This may seem like it’s saying the same thing twice, but it isn’t. There are many different possible events for every moment and many of these possible events will have similar reasons for happening. For example: If I held a stick in my hand, to demonstrate possibility/fate/free will I could either throw it, drop it or place it somewhere. I decide to place it in the hand of the person I’m talking to with the intent of demonstrating possibility, thus demonstrating possibility (plus adding a personal directness). Now, out of all of the possible actions I could have done with the stick I decided to place it in the hand of the person I was talking to. All of the actions could have had the reason ‘to demonstrate possibility/fate/free will’ but I chose that one, and thus, it happened.

That completes my saying, ‘Everything that happens (Placing the stick in their hand), will happen (I chose to place it in their hand), and for a reason (To demonstrate possibility with a personal directness)’

Interconnectedness – The fabric of existence

Note: I am thinking of changing it to the fabric of ordered existence, for the reason stated at the bottom of this section. But in doing so I also destroy conveying the other view presented.

There are threads that weave together to create the fabric of existence. These threads are the connections between all things. Everything is connected to everything else, at least in a round about way. It’s just like the ‘six degrees of separation’ saying, “You’re only six people away from someone famous”. The difference is that not only people are connected by these threads. Places, moments, memories, actions, sounds, feelings, etc. are also connected, as I said ‘all things’ even everything in the future and the past is connected to each other as well as everything in the present although the connections may not be direct. A person may be connected to a memory that is connected to a time and a place. This person may also connect a certain sound to the memory, like the sound of a bell to that eventful lunchtime back when they were in high school. This time or place may also be connected to a huge (if not infinite) number of other things, as well as that sound, that person, that memory etc.

How could things in the past or present be connected to the future? Well, back on that person’s first day of high school, long before the event occurred the connections are already in place. Although that person is connected to the high school which are both connected to the possibility of that event occurring which is connected to the event. So even if it doesn’t happen, the possibility was still there, the connection remains and the person completely unaware. But one thing is different, the person is not directly connected to the event or the memory, they are connected through the place and time to the possible event that didn’t occur.

How can anything be connected to a memory if the event didn’t occur? Once again, the person is connected to the place which is connected to the memory because it is/was a possibility. Notice that I didn’t mention a time this time? That is because the memory is not yet connected to a time. Remember: the memory is not the event. This leads to the possibility of creating the memory before or after the event. This phenomenon is known as precognition or postcognition, the ability to see things in the future or the past respectively. Or the person may just have dreamed the memory, which is now connected as a dream by the person.

This concept of interconnectedness brings forth the possibility of ‘nothing new in this universe’, that we only discover things, they aren’t invented. This is entirely feasible, since whatever is not in existence, does not exist. When possibilities happen the connections are strengthened. If something is not connected to anything else, it simply ceases to exist. This also brings forth the possibility that if things can cease to exist, then they can be made to exist, thereby bringing in the possibility of playing god. But creating something that is not already in existence would be a tremendous effort. Maybe this is where the unmade nature of chaos comes in. Maybe something that is not connected and therefore no longer has a structure becomes chaos, and is not wiped from existence like I first thought. This could explain the appearance that something is wiped from existence, but it is actually transformed instead, which seems like a more reasonable explanation.

The Mind Stream

This is the term I have given to the connections between minds. This is because minds are directly connected even though they have not come in contact before. These connections act differently though. There is a saying that if someone thinks of something or learns something, it is then easier for someone else to think of or learn that thing. I have found this to be true when I was looking through some scrapbooks I made when I was younger; in them were crude drawings and sketches of several inventions and products that were not around then. Of course, I was just drawing what I imagined back then, I never actually thought of any of them as inventions, obviously someone did. The mind stream could be some kind of subtle telepathic link. Possibly only linking one species together, maybe linking all sentient beings together.

Fate and Free Will

I am a believer of both fate and free will. How is it possible for fate and free will to exist simultaneously? Well by the very fact that you can think of both concepts is proof that they exist, at least as an ideal. I see life, and most of ordered existence for that matter, as a poem. A poem can have a few restrictions or it can have many about the way it is laid out, depending on the poem. The content, however, is absolutely up to the poet. This content can be poorly or well written, inadvertently showing the poet’s expansive or limited imagination. The poet that I am referring to is you. Your life is your poem and the words are your experiences. You are free to write whatever you like in your poem as long as you adhere to the boundaries set. Some poems have rather strict boundaries while others are quite free. If you do try to overstep the boundaries of your poem however, you will probably be dead. There is always at least a second option available; otherwise there would be no point to writing the poem in the first place. There are many different poems to be written, and these require many different poets to write them. Several will be in direct opposition to you. Just remember that these poems must be written, but do not stop writing your own poem just because theirs must be written, yours must also be written. Whatever you choose to write about, that is what you are supposed to write about, so if worrying about other people’s poems is your poem, then so be it, it must be done. The opposite is also true.

Another way of looking at fate and free will (and quite a morbid way) is that you are the only being in existence that has free will and everyone else is fated to do what they will.

Karma vs. Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect

If I were to take a raw egg and throw it as hard as I could against a brick wall, what would happen? Most likely a very messy result. Why did this happen? Well, in throwing the egg I applied a force on it to get it moving. This egg is now moving through the air towards the brick wall. When it hits the wall it applies a force slightly less than the one I applied to it, which the brick wall applies back easily since it doesn’t move. The egg is now trying to go in the opposite direction with the same speed it had before it hit the wall. The shell, however, cannot stand this kind of force applied to it and shatters, sending egg exploding in all directions. This is an example of cause and effect. The egg broke because it hit the wall hard enough. Why did it hit the wall hard enough? Because I threw it hard enough in that direction. Why did I throw it hard enough in that direction? Because I felt like breaking the egg and causing a mess. Cause and effect works only on a direct level, with each part of the event directly linked with every other part of the event in a very logical way.

Instant Karma

Cause and effect should not be confused with karma though. It may seem like cause and effect is the same as karma sometimes, this is what some people call instant karma. It is not cause and effect but it may seem like it because the results can seem quite direct.

1. I see that a little old lady is having trouble carrying her shopping to her car so I decide to go and help. After helping her and making sure that she is all right I cross the road to go on with what I was doing. After crossing the road I spot a five dollar note lying on the ground, I check to see if anyone could have dropped it but no one is around so I pocket the money.

2. Again the little old lady is having trouble with her shopping. Again I decide to help her with it and make sure that she is okay. But this time it turns out that this is a rich little old lady and she is so pleased to see a youth helping out the elderly so she gives me five dollars as a reward.

Now, in both examples I helped the little old lady and ended up five dollars richer. But one is instant karma and the other is cause and effect. In the first one there is no direct reason for me receiving the five dollars but I still received it because I helped the old lady (let’s just assume that). In the other one the old lady gave me the five dollars because I helped her. Thus adding a direct and logical link between ‘helping little old lady’ and ‘getting five dollars’ and making it cause and effect.

What’s wrong with instant karma?

I am not a fan of the idea of instant karma. Since such a notion also creates the idea of getting rewarded for the good things you do and punished for the bad things you do. But as I have stated many times before, there is not such thing as good and evil! Which Supreme Being told you that the five dollars was a reward anyway? It could be needed to buy you a ticket home because you just realised that you forgot to take your wallet with you. In which you have just cancelled the karmic debt that you have incurred some other time. So now instead of ‘getting five dollars’ it is ‘getting home before dark’ and quite possibly avoiding a mugging or two along the way.


Wiccans have a rule, that whatever you send out, you get back times three. Christians have a saying ‘Love your neighbour as you would love yourself’. In fact, the golden rule seems to echo throughout all religions ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. This is because of karma. But karma does not work on a ‘good deed, bad deed’ system. It works like ‘if you are true and honest to yourself and others, the universe will be true and honest to you’. Of course, you could replace ‘true and honest’ with anything you wanted to. But don’t think of karma as some kind of reward scheme. Your intent is just as important as the action. If you go around being all noble and helpful just because you want something in return, e.g. to be filthy rich in your next life, you won’t get it. Although your actions are noble your intentions are not. Actually the best you will get is nothing, you will be more likely to incur some kind of negative karma instead. Remember that karma works with the fabric of existence. This is why it is indirect and the reasons for events occurring obscure. Just to confuse you more, cause and effect can be the tool of karma, further hiding the real cause of the event.

The Human Condition

“I know, I know I’ve let you down. I’ve been a fool to myself; I thought that I could live for no one else. But now, through all the hurt and pain. It’s time for me to respect, the ones you love mean more than anything.” – Arianne, Shiroh Sagisu (Komm Susser Töd)

Hedgehog’s Dilemma

Spines cover the surface of the hedgehog, which is its natural defence, to deter predators and other creatures that the hedgehog doesn’t like. In a lot of ways, humans have a defence mechanism just like the hedgehog’s but not in the way of physical spines covering our bodies, these spines cover our emotions instead. We keep other people at a distance with these spines to protect ourselves from the potential hurt that they may cause us. This is because when a person is further away, the potential to be hurt and the impact of the hurt is lesser. But there is a cost to this protection; we must endure the loneliness that comes with keeping others at a safe distance.

“If you wish for others to exist, the walls of their hearts will separate them again, and then, they will all feel fear once more.” – The End of Evangelion

Normality – Fitting in


“The principles of lust are easy to understand. Do what you feel, feel until the end. The principles of lust are burned within your mind. Do what you want, do it until you find love.” – Enigma (The principles of lust: Find love)

The Self

“The contents of a person’s heart shapes their appearance. And new images will change their heart and their forms.” – The End of Evangelion

The Body

The Mind

The Soul

The Total Self

“Don’t submit to stupid rules, be yourself and not a fool. Don’t accept average habits, open your heart and push the limits.” – Enigma (Push the limits)

The Nature of Time

“The power of imagination is the ability to create your own future and the power to create your own flow of time.” – The End of Evangelion

Two Different Views

The Pond

The Stream

The 4th Dimension

Thanks to:

Rhyannon for guiding me patiently during the time that I have known Psi.

Athena and Seraph, these two have been very helpful to me since they started hanging around. Where they came from or how long they will stay I have no idea, but I enjoy the time I have with them.

Anno for writing and directing Neon Genesis Evangelion and the Wachowski Brothers for writing The Matrix trilogy. By trying to understand the concepts in these movies I have learnt and understood things about the universe and myself at the same time.

Zeus and ANKA, they are the masters of their own path and I aspire to be like them one day.

Finally, all of the people I have met along the way. I have learned a little from each encounter, you told me what I needed to know without saying it. I hope that I have been as helpful to you as you all have been to me.

Oh, and thanks to you, for reading this. Here have a cookie for paying attention for so long. *Darkflame gives you a cookie*

“Is it alright for the AT (Absolute Terror) Field to separate you all and cause you pain again?” – The End of Evangelion<

“Take the path to the rivers of belief, my friend. I look inside my heart. I look inside my soul. I promise you, I will return.” – Enigma (The Rivers of Belief)

“Take the path to the rivers of belief, my friend. I look inside my heart. I look inside my soul. I’m reaching out for you and hope one day, we’ll rest in peace, on my rivers of belief.” – Enigma (The Rivers of Belief)