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Starting Point
by Darkflame

Now that you are here and want to start, where do you go?

This site is designed to show you the path(s) ahead of you and the mindset desired. The main information displayed by Zeus is for the path of pure energy. This requires a basic understanding of balance and the energies involved. Within all paths there is a structure, a basis for understanding of the energy and how it works outside and inside with you. Since the site is based on pure energy psi it is in no way saying you must adhere to the same beliefs, it is saying just that you should adapt a consistency in what you are doing in order to progress within it or any path. Do what feels right for you, just do it and stick with it, make it your path.

 The site is not meant as a grimoire detailing all that you need to do every technique. It is a starting point only. There are articles that display the needs of energy (internal and external), rules for which you need to understand. In order for you to progress and understand the articles, you must learn to make the connections between energy and yourself then make the connections between yourself and energy. How the interconnections of energy affect change inside and out. How you make an effective change. Expansion of your self, mind, body and soul. When calling on one of these, you bring along the rest and they must not be forgotten.

 There are few that come with the understanding that psi changes your life in every way. For those who are dedicated it comes not so much being able to do the things that are listed in the site but more how to become "One" so doing those things become "natural" and almost taken for granted. As you expand beyond your physical, your energy self grows.

What the site does offer is the opportunity to start thinking beyond a technique by allowing you to question "Why". Only the successful and determined people who work energy have ever asked why and how.  Ask yourself why and how then make a determination, and get feedback from others, ask if you are on the right track. Journalize your experiences and note what was right in the moment and what was wrong.

Once your mind is able to make the connections needed then you will be have expanded your mind twice fold, every time you do this, you break a dome that hung over you and kept you trapped in a linear perspective. You become a multipoint perspective being.

There are no set articles that discuss balance but the word and means on how to achieve it are splattered everywhere within the site. There is a starting point of understanding and it is with personal balance and understanding of your energy and the energy you reside in daily.

Starting points:

Most who come here have some kind of base abilities or are attempting to learn a basic ability. Do not stop learning and attempting! This is something you should be doing along with practicing what you know or want to learn already.

1. You should learn about the different paths and what appeals to you. (never in no way saying you have to only follow one path and once you do decide to follow one you shouldn’t look at the others. Without expanding your belief base you will continue only to see in one perspective)

2. Once you have decided what feels right for you, you should learn more about its foundations (e.g. its history) and what it takes to get started (e.g. Energy work) and some idea of where you are supposed to be heading. (As history dedicates, nothing is ever really clear just guessed at or believed to be true. Then it is normally accepted as a fact.)

3. (Assuming you are deciding on Pure Energy Psi) its most base beliefs and "rules" should be understood. This is where we direct you to read the articles on energy. I already have given you a guiding rule. Remember to ask yourself Why and How. If you don’t understand why it’s important to ask Why and How, then look again at the article. The reasons are there and they will help you to see beyond just one technique into many.

            A) Reading articles on the P.E. Psi's history

B) Reading the overview P.E. Psi- this should have provided you with a base understanding of P.E. PSI, what it is meant to do and where you are headed, if it hasn’t, you need to ask for assistance or reread it again.

C) Start understanding energy! This is where you start making the connections between you and external energy and balance that is needed. When reading thru the different types of energy you will again find references to how energy works and balance. If you do not see that, read it again. Do not forget to ask Why and How.

D) Read the Articles on Internal & Universal energy. Make sure you read it slowly and with care since these basic thoughts will be with you for years to come. If you do not produce questions of why and how at this point. You didn't clearly see connections. Ask for assistance if needed for deeper understandings.

 Some articles written under the General Guidance section are meant to progress with you over the years (Paradigm Shifts). It is wise for you to read them to see how you relate to this information now. One day you will be able to look back and see how far you have actually come.

At this point you are ready to progress into the Introduction (do not skip over) and on into the site. Starting at the Psychics Basic section, keep in mind all articles interconnect in some way (relating to your internal energy, Universal energy and with an over all emphasis on balance of energy) so starting at the section "Understanding Energy" and reading into the next List of articles and so on is the best way to simplify your learning.

The information in the site progresses with you as you grow. Each person has his or her own growth rate and level of understanding. Reading it from the beginning over time and as you grow will actually solidify the lessons within and help expand your understanding even if you believe you already know it. Since everyone is different it is extremely important for you to seek guidance in understanding something you are lost on (hopefully thru mIRC or e-mail). There is always more to learn.

Key points to recognize:

Stop and ask Why & How (How is it effecting me, others and the environment & Why)

If you feel you haven't mastered an understanding of the subject, it’s likely you haven't. Do Not Hesitate to ask and explain where you are at and how you got lost. Clarity is important.

Ask about and explore the interconnectedness of energy of all paths in relation to what you are attempting to learn.