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Taking the First Step
by Zeus

When beginning psi one must choose several things before starting out. The first must be a path, a technique or aspect of psi that they will learn. This series of classes focuses on the Pure Energy path through psi for a few reasons:
1. The path is more scientifically based and so easier to explain.
2. Pure Energy is one of if not the most flexible paths meaning that if something doesn't fit within a person's personal beliefs it may be changed to coincide with their beliefs and still work.
3. It is Zeus' preferred psi path and the major base for the Palatium website.
The second decision that must be undertaken is who will be one's teacher, or physical guide through psi. Since this class is being read the peak of that will be Zeus, but it is always urged that those learning psi band together to help in the practice of psi.
Finally a person must look within himself or herself and find the true reason why there is a quest for psi. If the reasons are: revenge, self-betterment at the expense of others, or another selfish initiative then stop and leave now. Psi is meant to be learned so that one can help society, existence and by doing so the person helps himself or herself.
All that aside and seeing that you've gotten this far let's begin with how psi is possible and the interactions of energy. Psi, especially Pure Energy Psi, (psi being used here to denote those things considered psychic, or hybrid) depends on the concept that everything everywhere at its most basic form is energy. This energy is more general than gravity, electricity, or nuclear power. It is a building block for even these scientific energies. There is no name for it and there are no substantiated studies of it to this point, but the theory does stand in scientific and spiritual circles alike. For ease of reference this energy is referred to as the fundamental energy. Fundamental energy is neutral in its purest form and it is always best to interact with it in this form. There are times when energy is charged from interaction with beings, masses, or other energies and it changes from its base neutral state to become either positive, or negative. Though in time energy will revert to a neutral state charged energy, for a time, will snowball effect the energy around it and charge it up to a point that the original interaction that changed it can't hold up to charge anymore. This occurs like putting another person in a very crowded room. That one extra person makes the people directly around them move around and the people around them move until people shift into the previously empty spaces and the movement of people stops. The people that were moved (interacted upon by that one extra person) are charged with different energies until they are able once again to continue what they were doing before the extra person interacted with them. When those people resume their initial state they lose the charge from the new person and become "neutral" once again. Now since everything is made of fundamental energy and there is interaction between this energy any change in this energy has repercussions that make things happen allowing for the ability to create psi events. All psi techniques rely on this interaction of energies to work. So, that is why psi is possible and works.
Creating the interaction of energy is relatively simple since all it takes is a thought with intent. A thought with intent is often shortened to being called visualization. But not just any thought will trigger a psi event since the human brain is complex enough to have several tracks such as imagination, conscience, subconscious etc. A psi thought with intent, or visualization must be created in the back right portion of the brain referred to in Pure Energy as the Psi Control Centre (PCC). The PCC is the area of the brain where all visualization is done and where most psychic events manifest; however other portions of the brain are used to extend the clarity and strength of the PCC. Identifying the exact PCC area can be accomplished by putting the right hand on the back of the head just below the crown. This is the area that tingles, or buzzes with energy during psychic activity. Creating a visualization in this area takes a little practice, but yields results immediately when one gets it right. This immediate result is found with all psi techniques where just because the expected intent didn't manifest doesn't mean it can't be done only that it wasn't done correctly. Think of the visualization like a radio trying to tune in a certain stations. If the visualization is slightly off then the station is weak, or doesn't come in at all. But if the visualization is correct the station signal is strong and the songs are heard as they are expected to be.
Energy besides being charged, or not is also categorized as either internal, or universal. Universal energy is that energy external, or outside anything material. It is energy that does not run something, or make up something. Internal energy is energy that makes up an object or that is contained within something. It is important to note that this is only a categorization since all energy is fundamental at its base, but internal energy does have difficulty interacting precisely with universal energy since once internalized the energy does take on aspects of its holder. This will be shown at another time.
Alright, so everything in its most basic form is a fundamental energy that interacts and this energy is contained either within an object/person as internal energy, or outside of a mass as universal energy. The major way to interact with this energy is visualization which takes place in the Psi Control Centre and creates all psi events.

Psi Practice (Session 1)

Find a comfortable sitting, or laying position to begin the psi practice. Psi is best practiced in a quiet calm atmosphere that is free of interruption. Get yourself into a rhythmic breathing pattern. Breathe in through your nose, counting to three, then hold the breath in for three and exhale through your mouth for a count of three. The pattern becomes: IN .. 2 .. 3, HOLD .. 2 .. 3, OUT .. 2 .. 3 repeated over and over while performing psi. This controlled breathing is not a necessity, but it does quiet the mind of distractions and ensures the body is full of oxygen.
Now place your right hand on the back of your head and identify the area that is used to control your psi. This is the area where you will create visualizations. Produce a thought with this area of your brain that has the intent to quiet your mind and body while you perform psi (creating a visualization with your PCC takes a little practice but simply by identifying the thought intent as coming from the PCC area is enough to create psi events). So, you're rhythmically breathing and calmed. This is the perfect state to perform psi cutting out the need for a full meditation in order to achieve a psi goal.
Create a visualization of a window screen running horizontally through your waist. Add the intent that this screen neutralizes any energy that passes over it. Now visualize your body's energy both above and below the screen, and move the energy above the screen into your legs (through the screen) by visualization. Once that energy has been moved send it all into your upper body through the screen. After that is accomplished you may remove the screen from your waist. Your energy should now be almost entirely neutral (don't worry about this changing who you are since that is governed by your centre, or soul energy which is exempt from almost all psi events).
Now you've reached a point where you're rhythmically breathing, you're calm, and your energies are neutralized.
Place your hands in front of you so that your palms are facing eachother and your fingertips are 2.5cm (1") apart. At this point create an intent that sends energy into your hands. Allow your hands to become warm and to tingle, but do not allow your hands to touch. Experiment with the energy visualization to send less energy to your left hand than your right hand, and vice versa. As you do all of this you should feel the energies warm up your hands and perhaps a tingling sensation. The other thing is the increased difficulty to move the joints of the hand as the increased energies make it more difficult for muscle contraction signals to travel. Allow your visualization to change from moving energy to your hands into your feet, your shoulder, or your knees. Remember to clasp your hands together after you're finished sending energy to your hands to level the energy balance across your body. A few warnings with concentrating energy within the body: don't concentrate energy on the heart since doing so makes muscle contraction signals slower and don't concentrate energy in the eyes as they tend to spasm (we will see how to use healing energy in these areas in another session).
So, let's review what you've accomplished here:
1. Rhythmic breathing technique
2. Psi calming technique via visualization
3. Psi neutralization technique
4. Internal energy manipulation

The best and essential keys to the rest of psi!